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LeWeb08 program is here! We hope you like it

Geraldine and myself have just announced LeWeb08 program that you an find below and also our comments in video, I know I should shut up more and let Geraldine talk :)

You can dowload a PDF of the program here

DAY 1 – DEC 9, 2008 – PLENARY ROOM

08h00 – 09h00
WELCOME BREAKFAST sponsored By Cabinet Cotty Vivant Marchisio & Lauzeral

08h45 – 09h00
Opening remarks – Geraldine & Loïc Le Meur – LeWeb Founders

09h00 – 09h20
David Weinberger – Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society,Harvard University

Fireside Chat with Nikesh Arora – President, Operations EMEA & Vice-président, Google UK Ltd
Loïc Le Meur

Speaker to be announced

10h00 – 10h30
Chris DeWolfe Co-Founder & CEO, MySpace.com

10h30 – 11h00
COFFEE BREAK sponsored By Codeur.com

11h00 – 11h20
Dan’l Lewin – Microsoft Corporation ,Corporate Vice President for Strategic and Emerging Business Development.

11h30 – 11h50
Linda Avey – Co-Founder, 23AndMe, Inc.

12h00 – 12h45
Helen Fisher – Visiting Research Professor, Rutgers University

12h45– 14h15

14h30 – 15h10
Paulo Coelho, Author

15h10 – 16h00
Loving Brands Online – Panel
Georges-Edouard Dias, Team Leader, Internet & e-Business, L’Oreal
Matthias Lüfkens, Associate Director, World Economic Forum
Marc Mathieu, Senior Vice President, Global Brand Marketing & Creative Excellence, The Coca-Cola Company
Michael Tchao, General Manager, Nike TechLab
Moderator: Dan Farber, Editor-in-Chief, CNET News

16h00 – 16h20
Yossi Vardi – Investor & Entrepreneur

16h20 – 16h45

16h45 – 16h50
Mike Butcher – UK & Europe Editor, TechCrunch

16h50 – 17h30
Money Talks: How scared should we be of the markets crash ? – Panel
Eric Archambeau, General Partner, London Office, Wellington Partners
Jeff Clavier, Founder & Managing Partner, SoftTech VC
Mark D. Kvamme, Partner, Sequoia Capital
Fred Wilson, Partner, Union Square Ventures
Moderator: Ouriel Ohayon, General Manager, LgiLab, Editor, TechCrunch France

17h30 – 18h00
Fireside Chat with Marc Simoncini – Founder & CEO, MEETIC – Loïc Le Meur

22h00 – 02h00 LeWeb’08 Party with MySpace.com

DAY 2 – DEC 10, 2008 – PLENARY ROOM

08h00 – 09h00

09h00 – 09h20
Opening remarks: Why Are We In Paris?
Eric Besson – France Secretary of State for New Technologies
Surprise Guest
Loïc Le Meur

09h20 – 10h00
Platform Love: Getting Along – Panel
Travis Katz, Vice President, International Development, MySpace
Dave Morin , Senior Platform Manager, Facebook
David Recordon, Open Platforms Tech Lead , SixApart
Google Speaker TBA
Moderator: Marc Canter – CEO, Broadband Mechanics

10h00 – 10h20 Love of Education: A shifting paradigm
Robin Good – New Media Innovator, Explorer, Independent Publisher,
Master New Media

10h20 – 10h40
Chris Anderson – Curator, TED

10h40 – 11h10

11h10 – 11h40
Love Entrepreneurship Your Own Way: Two perspectives on starting a business

A moderated discussion with Loïc Le Meur
John Buckman – Founder & CEO, Magnatune.com
Reid Hoffman – Chairman and President, Products, LinkedIn

11h40 – 12h00
Dr. Brian Cox – The School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester

12h00 – 12h30
Love of Entrepreneurship
Jason Calacanis – CEO, Mahalo

12h30 – 13h00
Speaker to be announced

13h00 – 13h30
Sharing Love
Joichi Ito – CEO, Creative Commons

13h30 – 15h00

15h00 – 16h00
Start-Up Competition Awards and Winners

16h00 – 16h30
Dr. Werner Vogels, VP & Chief Technology Officer, Amazon.com

16h30 – 17h15
European Originals – Start-Up Companies That Are Uniquely European – Panel
Jacques Antoine Granjon, CEO, Vente Privee
Jonas Birgersson ,Chairman, ViaEuropa
Klaas Kersting, Gameforge
• Speaker TBA
Moderator: Jennifer L. Schenker,Correspondent, BusinessWeek

17h15 – 17h45 Fireside Chat with Gary Vaynerchuk – Host, Wine Library TV.com – Loic Le Meur

DAY 2 – DEC 10, 2008 – LeWeb “Deep Discussion” Stage

9h15 – 10h00
Your Mobile is Your Love Device: Nokia

10h00 – 10h30
The Revenge of Email – Panel
Nick Heys Founder & CEO, Emailvision
Jason Calacanis, CEO, Mahalo
Moderator: Robert Scoble, Video Blogger, Fast Company

10h30 – 11h10
Social Advertising: Where’s the Love? – Panel
Seth Sternberg – Meebo
Lorenz Bogaert – Co-founder and CEO Netlog.com
• Speaker TBA
Moderator: Scott Rafer – CEO, Lookery, Co-Founder, Mashery, Chairman, Winksite

11h10 – 11h50
Love in Motion: Mobile ubiquity and social networks
Dr. Lai Kok Fung – CEO & Co-Founder, Buzzcity
Ewan Spence – WuBud
Antonio Vince Staybl – CEO & Co-Founder, itsmy.com (a Gofresh company)
Moderator: Ferhan Cook – Co-Founder, Any Screen Productions

11h50 – 12h30
Big Love: Embracing Asia’s Market Explosion – Panel
Masashi Kobayashi
• Other to be announced
Moderator: Thomas Crampton

12h30 – 12h50
Modesty & Shamelessness on the Web – presentation/discussion
Who do we like, love and relate to online?
And what are we ready to give them about ourselves?
Dominique Cardon – Sr. Researcher, Orange Labs
Daniel Kaplan – FING

During the 2 days of conference, our speakers will be interviewed on stage by the following reporters, bloggers:

• Michael Arrington, Co-Founder & Editor, TechCrunch
• Steve Gillmor, The Gillmor Gang
• Dan Farber, Editor-in-Chief, CNET News
• Om Malik, Editor-in-Chief, GigaOm
• Jennifer L. Schenker, Correspondent, BusinessWeek
• Robert Scoble, Video Blogger, Fast Company
• Kara Swisher, Co-Executive Editor, AllThingsD.com; Blogger, Boomtown; Co-Executive Producer, D: All Things Digital
• Other interviewers tba

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