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Launch of Seesmic Desktop 0.4 and in-browser Seesmic Web

We are thrilled to announce two new products today, Seesmic Desktop 0.4 (small screen realestate mode, memory and CPU optimized, resize columns) and Seesmic web based in preview mode. I could explain you in details what it is all about but I would rather point you to a few posts we already saw about it and two videos: an HQ video we created showing both apps as well as my demo at the #crunchup. Full release notes coming soon I will update this post.

TechCrunch: Seesmic’s Browser Client is like Gmail for Twitter
Mashable: Twitter Everywhere: Seesmic Launches Web App, Plans Mobile Version
ReadWriteWeb: Seesmic launches web-based Twitter client & new version of Seesmic Desktop

and here is my demo at the #crunchup

Here are the full release notes for 0.4

Single Column and Multi-Column Mode

You now have two additional options to view Seesmic Desktop. Our previous version provided a combined fixed column with the ability to detach the columns as a way to manage your stream. In single column mode, you can keep your stream compact and use the sidebar to toggle between accounts, userlists and searches. With the all columns detached mode, you can freely view and control all of your columns in one window. With all three options, you can conveniently navigate your stream any way you want.

Enabling and Setting Fixed Width for Columns

With both the combined fixed/detached column mode and the all columns detached mode, you can now control the width of the detached columns. By setting and controlling a fixed width, you control over your own experience when managing your columns.

Collapsing and Expanding the Sidebar

We’ve also added a button to collapse and expand the sidebar to improve the user experience of being able to view and manage your stream. With the sidebar in collapsed mode, you can still view minimized buttons with tooltips to toggle between accounts, userlists and searches. This function is available in all three column modes.

Updated API usage controls, Added Options for Timeline Limits and Improved Optimizations for Performance

We understand the resource-intensive nature of client desktop applications. As such, we’ve made significant internal and external performance improvements, as well as give you more control in the resource management for your stream. Along with internal improvements, we’ve modified the Twitter API usage per account to accommodate the recent changes from Twitter, and updated the usage control to percentages (%) of allowed requests. You can also set timeline limits in Seesmic Desktop to help control performance. These limits define the maximum number of messages kept in each of your timelines from your friends; replies, private and sent; and searches.

Continued UI modifications, enhancements and fixes include:
* A new search to open when clicking on a hashtag (#) link.
* Mobypicture.com added as add-on authenticated service
* Ensuring links with # appear in seesmic desktop  
* Send messages to twitter will now be as “Seesmic”
* Various logic improvements for account and messaging actions * and many other additional fixes

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Seesmic Desktop Gets Full Facebook Open Stream API Support

After the launch of Seesmic for Facebook a weeks days ago, Seesmic Desktop will have in a few days full new Facebook Open Stream API support that Facebook just announced, add your name and email on the Seesmic Desktop page to join our “Team Seesmic” preview group get it as soon as we make it available for testing.

-this new release of Seesmic Desktop supports the full new Facebook Open Stream API with not only status updates but all its content (pics, links, videos, likes and comments)

-Facebook integrates as a new account in our interface that already supports multiple Twitter accounts with a new, Facebook only column and account type


-You can now have side by side your full Facebook stream and Twitter stream


-our home timeline provides a combined feed of both Facebook + Twitter accounts


Seesmic Desktop brings you in one single space, all your community sharing and receiving activity. Seesmic Desktop is only at a preview stage but already used by tens of thousands of users who help us build it with their feedback.

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Dailymile adds Seesmic video recording and playing using our API

The super cool running and fitness social software dailymile that I am using to record my runs see my profile (I know it has been a while I have not run but with all this traveling…) has just added video recording using our seesmic recording API.

Now dailymile members can record a video inline without ever leaving dailymile see below how it works, it is the second site with ping.fm to make such a nice integration of our Seesmic recording API.


and it posts directely to their friends.



Welcome to Al Jazeera on Seesmic

After the BBC, the Washington Post and many other media, welcome to Al Jazeera on Seesmic and I hope Seesmic will contribute dialog and a worldwide talk show that anybody can participate to.


Golden Gate Park Run With Chris Sacca With Google Earth+Video Play

I had a fantastic run with morning, 1.5 hours and nearly 10 miles in the Golden Gate park with Chris Sacca. I love running and talking we have not been running very fast (about 10 km/h pace) especially for Chris who ran an iron man, but we have been chatting about many exciting ideas during the run. Anyway, I felt like playing with both Seesmic, Cam Twist (and Cam Twist Studio which allows mutlicam) as well as Google Earth with the GPS route of our run thanks to my Garmin Forerunner 305 watch and motionbased.

You will find the result in the video below, I find it very exciting that I can create a video like this so easily, even though I clearly reached the maximum processor/graphics limits of my 4 years old MacPro, makes me feel like changing it…

The run in Google earth

Google EarthScreenSnapz001.jpg

and the statistics from motionbased


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A Very Interesting Video on How The Real Time Web Works in the Backend

Zac has a very interesting video on how the real time web is built and works (or does not work). It is somehow technical but I can understand it so probably anybody can. It also started a conversation around it, basically to avoid sending requests all the time to the server to get real time, but receive it in real real time. Zac has more links on his blog post, very interesting video Zac thanks. “Our one and only Seesmic Nathan” gives more details on how we provide the real realtime in Seesmic. Nathan explains how we should move away from a “file protocol”.

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One Word to Describe 2008 Mashup

Thank you all for having participated, you were about 50 when I launched the editing (and made it in the video) and 88 total as I write this, very cool, here is the result I hope you like it.