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Looking for advice from runners who ran a marathon


I have just run one of the most beautiful trail I have ever run, see the map above and also a few pics I took while I was running.


divisaderoI ran about 23km in 2h20 mins which is not very fast but there were lots of climbs like the Divisadero street that I had to partly walk on since it’s so steep and I was more testing my resistance to duration than speed. I ran two half marathons in the past, best time 1h34 but that was a few years ago while I was more fit. I never ran longer so I wanted to try today.

My legs muscles started to feel tight after two hours and forced me to slow down, it wasn’t really painful, just a little bit, but impossible to maintain the same speed.

I will start searching for links and reads from marathon runners about how to avoid this but if some of you are runners and have tips for how to run 3 to 4 hours non stop and avoid those issues please share in the comments! Thanks.


Golden Gate Park Run With Chris Sacca With Google Earth+Video Play

I had a fantastic run with morning, 1.5 hours and nearly 10 miles in the Golden Gate park with Chris Sacca. I love running and talking we have not been running very fast (about 10 km/h pace) especially for Chris who ran an iron man, but we have been chatting about many exciting ideas during the run. Anyway, I felt like playing with both Seesmic, Cam Twist (and Cam Twist Studio which allows mutlicam) as well as Google Earth with the GPS route of our run thanks to my Garmin Forerunner 305 watch and motionbased.

You will find the result in the video below, I find it very exciting that I can create a video like this so easily, even though I clearly reached the maximum processor/graphics limits of my 4 years old MacPro, makes me feel like changing it…

The run in Google earth

Google EarthScreenSnapz001.jpg

and the statistics from motionbased


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Running with TED talks

It’s winter so it’s raining often, even in San Francisco so time for me to run on my treadmill. I posted 5.3 miles in 45 minutes on dailymile and watched Benjamin Wallace wondering if the most expensive goods in the world make you happier. I really advise you to watch this talk, very inspiring. The 20 minutes format is good too, I got used to switch my Apple TV as I start running on the French “Journal de 20h” news then a TED talk, let’s see if can keep up with a run every day, alternating with many outside runs as well.

and here are a few comments about this food for the brain and exercise for the body experience

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