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Chris Pirillo


There are few people I really get huge inspiration from and one of them is Chris Pirillo, here his why:

What Chris does

-Chris experiments ways of sharing online that no-one else did before
-Chris always tests new sites and stuff that he shares on his community
-he is focused on helping his community by publishing lots of "how tos" that are helping others
-I am blown away by the community he built around him, as a result of all his sharing

The tools Chris uses

live.pirillo.com merging live video with chat on the screen is very unique and interesting even though it is kind of extreme. Most of the time you will just see Chris working or an empty chair, but there is always a few hundred to a few thousand people in chat room regardless of what's happening there

-a ning community, geeks, with 16,000+ members as I speak
one of the most popular YouTube channels with 62,000 subscribers and millions of views, yes, millions
an iTunes feed powered by a blip.tv channel
Twitter, of course
-a good old blog  
-a conference that gathers his community regularly

Why it works

here are a few ways Chris does things which you can easily adopt

-Chris adds VALUE, he does not talk about himself, his community learns from him
  -he listens to his community, his @replies and comments, engages in the conversation all the time
-he does not only broadcast information but interacts
-he is generous and helps his community
-he credits people who help him
-he is online A LOT if not almost always…

less easy to adpot, it's how you are, if you suck you can still change it though

-he has incredible charisma and personality, everyone wants to be his friend
-he is funny
-he is very smart and cool
-Chris types at the speed of light, you can see if you watch him work, you can learn that, it would save you hours a day, but it's tough

The result is a very nice community based home business with worldwide reach that Chris and his lovely wife Ponzi run without any outside funding and very successfully. An example for us all.

What surprises me about Chris compared to "classic" Silicon Valley bloggers

-Chris is never controversial (he does not engage in Twitter or blog fights) like I do sometimes, a proof that you really don't have to be controversial to reach success.
-Chris is not "all about breaking news" and obsessed by that and it does not harm his growth (most A list bloggers in SV are only caring about news and breaking it first)

I have huge respect for both of them and I am learning daily from what they do. I have started experimenting the live video + chat last sunday and yesterday at a talk I gave to MBA students and loved it. I hope Chris won't mind I am getting so inspired that I am also experimenting the same tools.

We talked about video comments and Chris wants them in one video, we will do it. I can't wait for Chris to use one of our tools.

Congratulations Chris and Ponzi, I am a fan!

I also recorded a video with the same content: