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LeWeb LIVE All Sessions Live and Available after the session free, 3 streams, thanks Ustream!

Everybody will be able to follow live and for free LeWeb, as every year. The main plenary session, the startup competition the first day and the sessions in the 400 seats second room the second day will be streamed live thanks to our partners Ustream (live stream) and Swisscom (internet connection) oh and yeah some work from our audio/video team. Oh and the Ustream team will also have a mobile camera with a third dedicated stream.

Get ready to follow everything here and switch all to Paris time as of tuesday morning, I wonder how many viewers of the stream we will get but I feel there will be even more than the current 1600 registered who will be physically present.

Please help me spread the word that everything will be streamed live and all the below players are embeddable.

LeWeb main stage

LeWeb startup competition room

LeWeb mobile stream

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