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Why journalists should use Seesmic according to a journalist

Paul Bradshaw, also known as onlinejournalist on Seesmic and paulbradshaw on Twitter, experiments and comments Seesmic for journalism. See this video conversation about journalism and Seesmic Paul started.

Paul did not see the point of Seesmic at first (like many) and explain now why he finds it very interesting for the future of journalism. I must confess I did not think too much about the potential use as Seesmic for journalism, but thanks Paul for giving me ideas to think about. I really liked Paul’s video below and bullet pointed some of the topics below. Thanks, Paul, please keep suggestions coming our way we will improve Seesmic so that it is useful for journalists. I like the idea.

Why journalists should come on Seesmic according to Paul:

-it will become pervasive like Twitter even if it will take time
-journalists ability to communicate in video is increasingly important for them
-if you treat video as a broadcast medium like TV you are making a mistake
-using Seesmic will get you used to conversations in video
-you learn the language of online video in Seesmic
-not for news gathering yet but it will come
-not for ideas gathering for stories but soon
-very useful for distribution
-best place to learn your video language

Paul also asked me a few questions for my first interview via Seesmic, so more is coming on that topic soon.

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