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Seesmic applications on the Seesmic API – March08

Here is the March update of the applications I have seen using the Seesmic API (or around Seesmic), please let me know if you know more than I missed, thank you in advance. If you want to create apps on Seesmic too, join our Google Group (please ask and we add you), already 132 members of the group.

Plugins and widgets

Seesmic official widget builder

WordPress plugin (by @douglasskarr)

Netvibes widget showing last videos (by Romainhuet )

Firefox sidebar with last Seesmic videos (by Steve Purkiss)

Seesmic google mashup (to add your videos to iGoogle) (by ?)

Google desktop application by Bob stewart.

A business card like signature by Pierre Lechelle

(just replace with your username) <br /><img src=”http://ntrm.net/seesmic/carte.php?username=fred2baro” /><br />

Search engines

microfil.ms (by Phil Campbell)

seeestribe for conversations (by Jonathan of Weetribe)

Seesmic jabber

add “events@jabber.seesmic.com” in your gtal/jabber and type help. You can track any term in the video title with it

Air clients

SeesmicAir (by @Critter, now Seesmic team member)

Upload videos

mp4 or mov video upload in Seesmic

Mobile applications

Post to Seesmic from hundreds of phones via Shozu

QIK.com live video client on Nokia N95 upload videos to Seesmic (title in the Qik video now complusory)

Totally experimental prototype of Seesmic mobile on Nokia n95

Stats and most active Seesmic members via API

A tentative, not updated. Who will do the first Seesmic top members board in number of followers, videos etc?

Social graph or social relationships

Feeddo+Seesmic very cool shows the relationships of people in a graphical way (by Edwin Khodabakchian)

Other cool stuff using or not using the API

The Seesmic mosaic is a very cool idea created by laza using pictures of Seesmic videos

Seesmic racavatars logos of Seesmic members based on our raccoon logo (by Kmeron)

Portrait galerie by Moox

Interactive Seesmic faces by Tiil

Seesmic World Project by @critter

I know there are many people working on other mashups or apps, will announce them as soon as they are out. Let me know if I missed anything and thanks fred2baro for gathering already most of them on your french post.

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Seesmic API & 3rd party apps: WordPress, Air, Search and Racavatars !

We have not yet released our API in public but have about 40 developers working with us to improve it, it is almost ready for public use. Also, we take it very seriously and right now the API let’s you pull tons of data from Seesmic such as user videos and followers. In the future we will also have the Seesmic recorder API and the threads so that the conversation can be integrated everywhere. Ah and we are also building our updates notification system to make it easy to follow any update on Seesmic.

Anyway, I would really like to thank the very first developers creating applications based on the Seesmic API:

@kosso did a search engine and an ajax front-end to Seesmic (need to be a Seesmic member to access)
@philcampbell created another search engine and ajax front-end to Seesmic, microfil.ms
@critter is building a Seesmic Air client, seesmicair
@douglaskarr has created the first WordPress plugin for Seesmic
Jonathan of Weetribe created a very nice conversation tracker called Seestribe which also has a twitter


The Seesmic mosaic is a very cool idea created by laza using pictures of Seesmic videos

not using the API but great initiatives to mention:
@critter’s Seesmic World Project idea
@kmeron also has created about 60 variations of our raccoon logo tailored to the style of the most popular Seesmic members, the racavatars. I need to use mine !


If you want to have a look at our API, please request access to our Google Group Seesmic API and we will add you. You will find there the API documentation and conversations between the first developers using it.

I will keep listing all the third party creations around Seesmic and giving updates. If you are building or have built anything, let me know !

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