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Vote for the winner of the DNA test from 23andme

In Davos this year I met the founders of 23andme who were kind enough to offer a free DNA test (worth a few thousand dollars) to one of the Seesmic community member. I asked in Seesmic why those interested should win and I thought the best would be to link to these videos and ask you to vote on them if you could, to select a winner that will get his DNA analyzed for free. Thanks in advance to those who participated and thank you for voting below.

1. christine http://seesmic.com/v/4EU2UWo77O
2. djuggler http://seesmic.com/v/5xiHU87HXu
3. documentaly http://seesmic.com/v/wElEMWdjvy
4. evepark http://seesmic.com/v/A5GhUTZxts
5. gia http://seesmic.com/v/u0yVz14Bhs
6. jefhinz http://seesmic.com/v/a3odKkUcyp
7. lomurchu http://seesmic.com/v/PCTsRvOiOu
8. lyledal http://seesmic.com/v/O9sb6asDuH
9. mndoci http://seesmic.com/v/xk27gnzObC
10. nicomo http://seesmic.com/v/AcJthTak2b
11. purplecar http://seesmic.com/v/8801PijKNv
12. sizemore http://seesmic.com/v/cqpKKumqhN

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