A billion views on YouTube for Ray and his Turkey Porn. Wow.

Yeah, that’s right. Ray William Johnson had nearly a billion views on YouTube and nearly 3 million subscribers.

Have a look at Sponge Booble for example, that got about 6 million views alone

I can’t help but share with you the Big Booty Bitches one, with 11 million + views

I mean that’s crazy. That guy has more audience alone than your local news shows on TV. Isn’t it hilarious? I have the Big Booty Bitches song in my head now for at least a few hours.

Wait until you see the Turkey porn with 6.5 million views

How did I get to know Ray? Well, I listened to my 13 years old kid, Gauthier, I could not have found Ray by myself I guess, I don’t hang out that much on YouTube to discover the oral sex at around 1 min plus on the Turkey porn.

Anyway, YouTube is getting huge not only as a new medium, but on how it can turn anyone who has talent in a star, with no means. Nothing. Just iMovie maybe.

It’s fascinating for me. If you watched them, tell me how much fun you had looking at them? I had. Ray is like a Garyvee for YouTube cool videos with 1000x audience numbers!

Meet the founder of Memolane that brings all your social into one life timeline

In April of 2008 I had described “my social map” in a video, where I expressed the need of having all my social networking posted items into one place:

I always felt the need for a service that help me manage all that stuff which became what Seesmic is today but also a tool that would help me navigate through it in the form of a life timeline and possibly back it all up.

Someone had to do it and that’s it, Eric Lagier did it with Memolane, here he is explaining how it works, errr actually I don’t really let him talk since I am pretty excited.

Try Memolane in private beta with the code “loic” and tell me in the comments what you think. Good luck Eric, another european entrpreneur moving to Silicon Valley.

LeWeb 2011 will be 3 days on dec 7-8-9 and 2010 wrap-up video

Many of the 3,000 participants of the 2010 LeWeb asked if we could make it 3 days in 2011. We made it happen, LeWeb 2011 is going to be on dec 7-8-9 and you can buy tickets at -50% until the end of February. Three days is definitely a much higher cost for us but it will give more time for everyone to network and the program to breathe a bit.

Check out our 2010 Wrap-up video and let us know what you think, thanks Video Agency and Whit for your help, we think it’s awesome!

F**ksquare – Foursquare for Sex should have been a superbowl ad!

The famous Foursquare gaming mechanics applied to sex!

(via @joelrubino)

Microsoft and Mozilla take note: my 10 years old son switched to Chrome

Gregoire, my son, will be 10 years old in less than a month and he just switched to Chrome while he’s been a long time Firefox and Internet Explorer user. On PC and Windows. Why? The Chrome Web store.

I came back with a Google Chrome OS netbook and of course Gregoire decided it became his computer instantly, just because it was new and he wanted to try it. He instantly figured out how to open a window. Where does it go when you open a window? To your saved apps with a nice Web Store icon.

Gregoire clicked on the store, headed straight to “games” and started browsing “popular” before trying every single popular web apps on the web store.

Guess what his next question his? “Dad, can I get that on my PC?” I answered “Yes, just install Chrome on your PC”. That’s it, he switched, just because of the apps in the store he could browse.

Nothing against Microsoft and Firefox, on the contrary, but you guys should better get a store up in your browsers for yesterday…

Having said that, I tried to write this blog post on my Chrome OS netbook (fine) but then tried to add the below picture from flickr (forget it, insert picture did not work on Typepad, a web app, I know a little old, but still).

As one of my friends on Twitter @travisketchum said “the hardware on the first android handsets sucked too“. Yeah, right.



Google Chrome OS netbook [first impressions + video]

Google just sent me a Google Chrome OS netbook Cr-48, thanks friends. It's a prototype, so it's not really about testing the hardware but the new OS. I still added a few notes.

Here are my first impressions

the good
-add your gmail account (no google apps support yet) and it's customized with your preferences, bookmarks etc in a minute
-it's as good as using Chrome the browser, which had been my default for months and blazing fast
-it goes in and out of sleep in one second, yes, one second
-it switches from wifi to 3G connection in a few seconds seemlessly
-it has a great battery time, about 7 hours, great for a conference
-it feels rock solid
-the keyboard is really good 
-Google gave me 100MB per month free Verizon data for two years and really cheap $9.99 unlimited per day and other plans
-Seesmic Web runs great on it (I know I am biased)
-it's very simple, nothing to install, nothing to save, everything saved in the cloud. Change hardware no problem it all comes back.
-I love the dedicated keyboard strokes for search, changing window (behaves like spaces on OSX) and browser controls

less good
-I miss a few apps, for example Skype and Skype chat. Unsure we will ever see a Skype web based
-some apps just don't feel as good as web apps, yet. I love evernote desktop and I don't feel as good on the web version, for example 
-I often do complex powerpoint presentations and google docs is great for simple, but not yet complex presentations
-unsure how it's usable offline in a plane for example, likely not much, the offline mode of most apps isn't there yet
-missing little things I like on my mac like the widgets, for cities in different timezones for example, no question this is going to come somehow web based with extensions if not already there, I need to have a look at Chrome extensions

pretty bad but likely to get better 
-if you open more than 5-10 windows and tabs it gets very slow, which is likely a hardware issue, no biggie as this will evolve but a problem for me for intensive use on this model

All in all I am very glad I can play with one now and most important test our Chrome app seesmic web on it so we keep improving it. I can't wait for final models to ship. Is this the future of netbooks entirely in the cloud? Maybe. Time will tell, but it's a very nice start.

update: I have spent my evening on it and the more I use it the more I like it. The battery time and the keyboard quality make it very usable.

Inspiration from above

I watched this video 3 times in full screen.

Why? Because it makes me dream and feel good. It makes me think about taking some distance from the day to day and think about the future. It makes me see myself from above. I love it. I am going to watch it a 4th time I think. Thanks Mathieu for pointing it to me and to whomever pilot had the fantastic idea to stick that camera on the cockpit window. Is it possible to make a movie accelerated like this on imovie? This is like 5 times faster than reality I think. You will probably say use FinalCut stupid, but I only know how to use imovie…

Augmented reality magic by Marco Tempest

Incredible magic demo by Marco Tempest at this year’s annual meeting in Davos, must see inspiring thoughts during his talk and especially at the end of that video. Enjoy. I loved every second myself.

With LinkedIn’s founder Reid Hoffman as he announces he filed for IPO

Yesterday we had dinner with Reid Hoffman and several friends in Davos and Reid was as always absolutely cool without the showing any sign of any big news coming.

Here is Reid around 10pm, at dinner, looking at us in the middle of casual conversations and saying “oh, I have news btw, we just filed for IPO”, like if it was just “normal”. At the same second the LinkedIn official blog post was posted and tons of comments from the press started to appear.


This is a huge achievement an a dream for any entrepreneur (at least a dream to me, I would love to take one of my companies public one day, but that’s not that easy to do!) and Reid being in Davos while this is happening shows how good he is as letting LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner being in charge and executing the company’s strategy. Reid and Jeff are an incredible couple behind this huge success.

Here are some results, previously highly confidential, from the public filing from Jess: LinkedIn by the numbers: 990 employees, 90M members, $120M in rev in ’09, and $161M in rev and $10M in net income in the first 9 mo. of ’10.

I will always remember and often think about Reid’s most famous quote (for me at least):

“If you aren’t ashamed of your product, you shipped to late”

I think there is a lot to be proud of with LinkedIn. I told Reid yesterday, you can be proud, you are amazing, congratulations. He’s answer was, as always, humble, that he had just begun this incredible adventure. Keep rocking, Reid.


Foursquare adding followers “a la Twitter” and becoming more and more self sufficient?

I noticed as I was checking in Davos that there was a new “Share with followers” feature on my android app, default to No, which I had never seen before. Foursquare just added photo support which makes it a replacement for Twitpic, I am using more and more. Now if Foursquare starts to add followers it seems to become more and more a social network itself, self sufficient from Twitter and Facebook.

I wonder how much of the checking / publishing location / following will happen in Foursquare only without being posted to Twitter or Facebook. With picture publishing and following features Foursquare becomes more and more a full social network that doesn’t need any others. Interesting development.

I am not sure if this was there for a while, I did not notice before, in any case it’s a good move as I have more than 5,000 “friends” as you could not just be followed before, now I will probably do like I did on Twitter, trim down the people I really follow so it makes sense to me, like people I really know. Right now my Foursquare timeline doesn’t really make sense. I can also chose to share some more private location checkins with close friends and anything public with my followers.

Good move Dennis and team!

Google ChromeScreenSnapz024.jpg


update: Dennis just replied:

Google ChromeScreenSnapz025.jpg