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My Davos 2009 videos

Davos 2009 is over. Thank you World Economic Forum for another great edition even though the participants were quite depressed. Here are my Davos videos this year.

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Kofi Annan will take your questions on Seesmic at 19h15 Paris time today

Secretary General Kofi Annan gave me 15 minutes later on today to take a few questions on Seesmic. I won’t be able to ask him all of them but as many as I can thank you so much for your questions, please just reply on the thread below.

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Preparing my Davos 2009 Session “What was Privacy?”

200901111905.jpg2009 will be my 9th consecutive year participating at the World Economic Forum Annual Summit in Davos and I am always delighted to be invited back, see most of my notes and videos. It has been a few years that the World Economic Forum team also invites me to speak or moderate a session.

This year I will be moderating a dinner session, which is my favorite, a small but great group of leaders from around the world and all types of background (religious, entrepreneurs, large corporations, non profits, academics, etc) get together around a topic, after a few introduction words each table discusses the topic then a rapporteur speaks for the table so that the room gets to learn what each table came up with. It is very intimate and interactive as well as very “many to many” as everybody can express itself. Here is the session below, would love your help to prepare it and will likely quote all your comments or video replies in my introduction, giving you attribution. Thanks in advance.

“What was Privacy ?”

Geographic location, relationship status, personal interests and professional background are no longer private once we step into the digital world. What does the end of privacy mean for individuals, corporations and governments?

Please help me or comment as well in video you can just hit the reply button as you play the above video

The session that I will moderate will include as discussion Leaders the following speakers that I know some of them will also probably join us preparing the session here on this blog post:
Thomas Crampton, Editor,, Hong Kong SAR
Reid Hoffman, Chairman and President, LinkedIn Corporation, USA
Tom Ilube, Chief Executive Officer, Garlik, United Kingdom
Jeff Jarvis, Blogger and Professor,, USA
David W. Kenny, Managing Partner, VivaKi, USA
Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin, Ireland

I would love your comments as well as any link to a good resource to prepare the session and will keep updating this note until the session at the end of January. Thanks in advance!

Resources that I am also gathering on my delicious tag privacy:

-NY Times by John Markoff “You’re Leaving a Digital Trail. What About Privacy?

(picture: at Davos 2008 with Michael Arrington and Robert Scoble)

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Launch of the Davos Conversation page

 Fweblive Groups Sitestudio Documents Wef Webpage Tnbt Logo WhiteThe World Economic Forum blog was launched in 2004 to follow the World Economic Forum regional events and the Annual Meeting in Davos, I have launched it and been contributing to it with the World Economic Forum team and other participants. It will be my sixth Davos this year. It has been a unique experience but never enough forces as a blogger with the team (thanks Michel, Samantha, Matthias, Mark and Nina ! Thanks for trusting me for so long !) to cover such an amazing and unique world leaders gathering. I also podcasted in audio tens of participants such as Richard Branson, George Soros and Sergey Brin last year. It gets more blogged every year and 2007 will be unique.

This year the World Economic Forum had a fantastic initiative, the creation of the Davos Conversation page (goes live on January 22). Blogs, videos, photos, news articles and reader comments related to Davos will all be on one page. There will also be a video bridge that will allow anyone to submit a video question to a Davos participant.

While I will blog and video blog on the Forum blog with the World Economic Forum team and other participants, Arianna Huffington and Roy Sekoff, HeffPost’s editor, BBC News, The Guardian and Jeff Jarvis will cover as many sessions and side events as possible.

In three years, I have seen every year more and more journalists also blogging the Annual Meeting, I know there will be even more this year and many will also post videos. With the Huffington post, Buzzmachine, BBC News, The Guardian, the Forum blog and all the journalists and participants blogs, this year’s Annual Meeting will be the most blogged ever, allowing anybody to take part in the conversation.

Looking forward to meet you all in Davos or on the web during the Annual Meeting through comments and blogs.

Arianna Huffington: Davos Notes: HuffPost Brings You Your All-Access Pass

Jeff Jarvis: laying out the nuts and bolts of how to post your Davos videos

This years’ theme: The Shifting Power Equation

Video blog: Klaus Schwab, founder, guides us through the Forum headquarters in Geneva and introduces this years’ theme.

All my posts blogging Davos since 2004

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The next World Economic Forum Annual Meeting will take place in Davos at the end of the month. I am honored to participate this year again for the fifth year (at the beginning as a Young Global Leader and this year again as a blogger). Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum has given me a few minutes of his precious time to guide us through the Forum headquarters in Geneva and introduce this year’s theme.

Video file also available as an M4V (itunes) download.
All my posts and podcasts about and from Davos.

The US ranks #1 in WE Forum latest report on Global Information Technology


US climbs four places and bumps Singapour this year. Report and ranking of the World Economic Forum (pdf) via Tubbydev. There is also an interactive map of the digital world. France loses two seats.

1 United States 2.02

2 Singapore 1.89

3 Denmark 1.80

4 Iceland 1.78

5 Finland 1.72

6 Canada 1.54

7 Taiwan 1.51

8 Sweden 1.49

9 Switzerland 1.48

10 United Kingdom 1.44

11 Hong Kong SAR 1.44

12 Netherlands 1.39

13 Norway 1.33

14 Korea, Rep. 1.31

15 Australia 1.28

16 Japan 1.24

17 Germany 1.18

18 Austria 1.18

19 Israel 1.16

20 Ireland 1.15

21 New Zealand 1.14

22 France 1.11

23 Estonia 0.96

24 Malaysia 0.93

25 Belgium 0.87

26 Luxembourg 0.80

27 Portugal 0.56

28 United Arab Emirates 0.54

29 Chile 0.52

30 Malta 0.51

31 Spain 0.47

32 Czech Republic 0.36

33 Cyprus 0.36

34 Thailand 0.35

35 Slovenia 0.34

36 Tunisia 0.33

37 South Africa 0.30

38 Hungary 0.27

39 Qatar 0.25

40 India 0.23

Looks like the WEF is happy…

MadeithomepagewefLooks like the WEF is happy about the blog and my Davos 2006 podcasts, I just made it to the homepage of the World Economic Forum. Thanks, Samantha, Nina, Michel and Mark for your trust.

Podcast: Klaus Schwab


Klaus-1Klaus Schwab is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. I had the pleasure to share a few minutes with Klaus and talk about the highlights of this year’s Annual Meeting as well as how Klaus views blogging and podcasting in Davos. Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum achievements are recognised with an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II and he is awarded a ‘Knight Commander of Most Noble Order of St. Michael and St. George’ by Jack Straw, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom. Thank you for letting the blogging happen this year again during the Annual Meeting !