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Thanks Julio for pinging me about this article in the spanish press ABC about our last conference in Madrid. Enrique talks about it too.

BlogConference in Madrid

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The conference is happening right now and I am blogging from the panel. Spain is really growing fast on blogging these days. Very interesting talks in Madrid today, we talked about corporate blogging, blogs and journalism and of course blogs and politics. As on blogs, the discussion that started after the presentations were the most important.

We could listen to:

Julio Alonso

Alberto Knapp

Octavio Rojas

Juan Varela (I am sure Juan is a politician and if not he should be one as he is very convincing)

and Enrique Dans

One blogger in the audience talked about a publishing company sponsoring a well known journalist to blog and will write a book based on the blog, about politics.

Julio talks to me about that is another influential political blog, left wing as I understand. There is also which is a network of liberal blogs on the right wing.

Thank you so much Julio, Victor, Alberto, Octavio, Juan and Enrique for organising it all and the Instituto de Empresa for hosting us.

Off to Madrid

So many posts I have to write from last week’s thoughts… No time.

I am leaving for Madrid tomorrow morning and I can’t wait for our first Madrid EuropaBlog, I see 50 people are joining this is so cool, see you there !

Join our blog meet in Berlin on February 10 !

We already had two events in France, one is in Madrid next week, and finally we are trying to get one started in Berlin on February 10, I hope I will meet you there, please add your name if you are interested.

February 1st Blog event in Madrid

The wiki is up, the panel is here, Instituto de Empresa hosts us, that sounds all good, please feel free to add you name and special thanks to Julio and IE for their help !

In Madrid on February 1st

I will be in Madrid on February 1st. Anybody interested in a tapas blogger dinner in the evening or anything else :-) ?

A great article about blogging on PC Actual in Spain


Victor talks about an article on how to create a weblog in PC Actual Spain and of course I am really happy to see TypePad was their solution of choice.

Glad to see Spain starts to wake up on blogging !

See you later Barcelona and the Forum Barcelona 2004

Forum 2004 Barcelona

Lots of great talks about entrepreneurship, lots of great people, lots of fun today in Barcelona.

I am too tired to blog my day there, but here are many pictures I took at the Forum Barcelona 2004, some of them are really weird !

Anyway, thanks for all the “pan con tomate” and special thanks to Angel Cabrera for having invited me to talk there today and see you tomorrow.

Blogging and entrepreneurs discussions in Madrid


Thank you again to Waya, the Instituto de Empresa for inviting me to talk about entrepreneurship yesterday in Madrid, of course, we had great discussions about blogging too. I went through some of the things I learned in my different experiences creating companies, which are online here.

At the Instituto de Empresa

I always complain about the fact that there are not enough entrepreneurs in Europe but I was actually very surprised that the majority of the students of IE told me that what they learned from their MBA is that they really wanted to start their business.

Congratulations and good luck for your future businesses !

Meeting the Madrid bloggers

Serving Cider in MadridThen we went to an incredible cider and Tapas bar in Madrid (and many students of IE joined us too) which was almost like a Theme Park as you had to learn how to serve cider (I tried too which was a disaster). Basically Javier explained me that serving Cider in Madrid was a very special skill to have and that it was a vicious circle because the more you serve it and drink it, the least you are capable of serving it without leaving most of it on the floor). I also learned how to cook the Tapas myself…

Thank you very much Javier and Victor for organizing it and thank you all bloggers, Julio, Alvaro, Ignacio, Alberto, Jose, Anne-Cecile, Anil, Hernan and Ivan for having joined the dinner (or tried to join it for some of you !).

I am so happy for having had the chance to meet you all yesterday as well as so frustrated we had such a few time to spend together.

Gracias, las Tapes “were incredible”…

All the pictures including the ones of Simon (thanks !) are here.

Off to Madrid

Many meetings in Madrid for the next two days, a speech at the Instituto de Empresa, and a blogger dinner. “It’s a small Europe, after all” :=)

Can’t find the time to blog, I am lost in my emails again…