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Half a million dollars for 300,000 Facebook fans: criteria of success?

What's the measure of success for brands in social networking?

I will be giving a presentation at Ad-Tech San Francisco on April 21st (you just need an expo pass to join if you like, not a full ticket) so I am starting to work on my keynote, would appreciate any help you can provide me with criteria of success for brands presence in social software.

Here is a list I have in mind:


-number of fans on Facebook

-Facebook page views 

-number of interactions (comments, likes)


-number of followers 

-number of mentions 

-number of retweets

Traffic driven within those social networks 

-traffic on the pages within Facebook or a Facebook app

-media views such as video views on the social network

Traffic driven to the brand properties 

-page views generated from the social network presence to the brand site or promo site

Engagement within the brand properties

Facebook connect and Twitter @everywhere now let people login on a site and interact with the brand content on its own site (the Huffington post does it well): number of interactions and viral actions such as like and retweets from there

Revenue generated from the presence in social networks

-this one is more tricky since it's not always obvious to link a sale to a "contact" place, but it's doable

Community (the most interesting for me)

-number of people who join a long term community around the brand and interact regularly

-number of people who join a mailing list with a high frequency communication pace (weekly or more) like we have 60,000 members of teamseesmic-number of people who join a dedicated social network for the brand (like we have for example)

-activity of those members in the social network

Brand love

-how many mentions on Twitter search, blog search, anything online

-frequency of those mentioins-% of positive versus negative mentions

Live engagement of the community

-how many people would join "live" an event from the brand: a live video, webinar-how many people would request something from the brand published on Twitter (for example I asked recently who would like a seesmic sticker we received 500 emails in about an hour)

Coolness factor

-more difficult to measure, but just the fact of being present in a cool product or event for a brand buys some love from the community

-sponsoring cool events

YouTube related

-number of views

-number of subscribers 

-number of comments (and how many are real comments!)

-favorites, stars for quality of content

What else do you see as measures of success for brands and social media?

Started a Frappr! group for this blog readers & commenters…

FrapprI was thinking about getting to know each other better and I started a community wiki page a few days ago where around 80 French readers of my blog already introduced themselves, I also thought it would be fun to see where we are geographically and started a Frappr! group if you want to join us, it would be cool…

My conferences speaking schedule now in Eventful

Originally saw it on Sam’s blog and I really liked the idea of Eventful, a social software to share your events with friends, I started using it for the conferences I speak to and added the end of 2005 ones. The conferences are now in my sidebar (bottom right, I know it starts getting messy) and also available here and as Ical and RSS feeds… Here they are in clear:

Open BC has a blog

Congrats to the Open BC team for launching their blog and thanks for having chosen TypePad. The design is very clean as well. The blog was made by Björn, Christiane and Karsten.

Disclosure: being a stockholders from certain competitors of OB does not prevent me from congratulating a very successful european startup !

Very cool social drawing tool, don’t miss it


You can draw together with friends, exchange your thoughts and work together. It is really cool, try it, send a drawing to your friends by email. I am sure Hugh will love it.

Linked In launches new features

Update: I have deleted this post. One of the very few posts I have deleted, sorry about that.

Let’s carry on this conversation around Linked In and Open BC and the

new features of Linked In. Being a business angel at Linked In, I also respect its competitors and I think Open BC is a good european initiative, both with different models.

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Social engagement

David Tebbutt just wrote an article in The Guardian about how the lesblogs conference was organised: word spread on blogs and the conference mostly self-organised on the wiki page.

David says: “for most of those who attended, the engagement started well before the event.

People signed up for the conference by hitting the edit button and adding their details to Le Meur’s Socialtext Wiki pages. They paid by clicking a link to the payment page. They entered their personal details, and added notes such as “Anyone need a lift from Amsterdam?” or “Anyone fancy dinner on 24th?” to the Travel/what to do page.

Pages materialised according to need, and adding and editing information was straightforward. Best of all, everything was always up to date.”

The fact that most participants were not only participants but also helped getting the programme ready, helped us find speakers, filled-in the wiki with tips to travel to Paris, restaurant ideas (and even what do in Paris for five days ?) to help everybody and gathered all the posts, audio files, articles about the event was an amazing support.

I felt like we all organized the conference together. Obviously, there were still some heavy logistics left…

Thanks David for this article, to your question about the blog etiquette to talk about your own article, I think that’s fine 😉 I would just regret they were no links in your article to get the Guardian readers to the blogs and conference pages you are talking about but I guess this is The Guardian policy outside of its own blogs, Neil ?

Ah it is finally official

Congratulations, Flickr team and Flickr investors.