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Golden Gate Park Run With Chris Sacca With Google Earth+Video Play

I had a fantastic run with morning, 1.5 hours and nearly 10 miles in the Golden Gate park with Chris Sacca. I love running and talking we have not been running very fast (about 10 km/h pace) especially for Chris who ran an iron man, but we have been chatting about many exciting ideas during the run. Anyway, I felt like playing with both Seesmic, Cam Twist (and Cam Twist Studio which allows mutlicam) as well as Google Earth with the GPS route of our run thanks to my Garmin Forerunner 305 watch and motionbased.

You will find the result in the video below, I find it very exciting that I can create a video like this so easily, even though I clearly reached the maximum processor/graphics limits of my 4 years old MacPro, makes me feel like changing it…

The run in Google earth

Google EarthScreenSnapz001.jpg

and the statistics from motionbased


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Running with TED talks

It’s winter so it’s raining often, even in San Francisco so time for me to run on my treadmill. I posted 5.3 miles in 45 minutes on dailymile and watched Benjamin Wallace wondering if the most expensive goods in the world make you happier. I really advise you to watch this talk, very inspiring. The 20 minutes format is good too, I got used to switch my Apple TV as I start running on the French “Journal de 20h” news then a TED talk, let’s see if can keep up with a run every day, alternating with many outside runs as well.

and here are a few comments about this food for the brain and exercise for the body experience

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20km de Paris 2007 registration open

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Les 20km de Paris, it was my first ever “official” run, I managed to do it in 1h34 (I did a weird video podcast in French with my run on Google earth…). I have great souvenirs from last year so I just registered today for the 2007 edition. I would like to be below 1h30 this year (and may be even be faster than the other Loïc Le Meur who runs it and I never met), also be in better shape on the arrival line… If you feel like running it too, register fast as the 20 000 max. number is usually reached fast…

Semi-Marathon of Boulogne Billancourt 2006: 1h37:20 and 13 km/h average

Today I ran the Boulogne Semi-Marathon (my second race) and improved the time I did last time at the 20 km de Paris with a chrono of 1h37:20 for 21.1 km (or 13 km/h official average) against 1h34:37 for 20 km. I’m very happy about this time as I did not train very seriously recently.


It’s funny a guy named Yannick Le Meur went through the finish line exactly at the same time as me.


I ran fast the first 10km as I was following the marker (a runner with a balloon that indicates a target time of 1h30) and had to slow down a bit for the 11 remaining kilometeres as my legs muscles were starting to hurt.


The Garmin GPS I was wearing gives a distance of near 22 km (I lost distance in the turns I guess I should be more careful to run inside the curves and not outside). The average is near 1.6 km/h more (13,6 against 12) more than I usually train at so I can’t complain.


181 average heart rate is also much more than during training…


Unfortunately the course does not take you inside the bois de Boulogne as it is actually in the city of Paris not Boulogne, but the running was quite nice on the Seine river borders.

Google Earthcapture001

My kids were waiting for me at the finish line…


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The best brunch place in San Francisco ?

Mike took me on Sunday with Esme at Dotties in San Francisco, a great breakfast place, about an hour line to get in last Sunday but definitely worth it, wanted to share the address with you. Don’t think I ever had that much food on a table for two (Esme could not stay unfortunately).

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Fortunately I ran the stanford campus before joining Mike in San Fran… A 12km run, about an hour, below the Google earth log. Don’t tell anybody I jogged in the Stanford Golf Course before it opens, it is absolutely forbidden 😉


Amazing runs at Half Moon Bay


Running here at Half Moon Bay (we’re having a Six Apart offsite meeting) every morning is just fantastic. I have done some interval running, beach running and this morning I did my best ever on a 10 km distance at an average of 13.2 km/h. It’s cool to see the performance getting better (I’ve been running only for a year).



20km de Paris run: 1h35

After a more or less serious training and one year of running I have finally run my first race, the 20km de Paris. 25 000 people ran it with me. The official results are not online yet but my GPS watch gives 1h35 for 20km at an average of 12,9 km/h or 4min40 sec per kilometer, unfortunately I had to do an urine break that has cost me some precious time. I have spent an extraordinary day and will love to do other runs like this one.

The below graph from my GPS Garmin Forerunner 305 shows the speed, elevation and heart rate. The heart rate is completely wrong I wonder why. It’s a brand new Forerunner as the first one kind of died. Weird it looks like Garmin heart rate sensors don’t work very well.


Here is the Google Earth screenshot, you can directly view it in Google earth by downloading it first it’s free and then open with it the file of my run if you like… I like the presentation mode as you kind of fly over the circuit, it’s really cool.


130 kilometers in July and no progress

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I ran about 130 km in July, which is more than I ever did in a month. I ran 14 times betwen around 9 km, except one long run of 20 km. I am frustrated because despite the unsually high frequency of running for me, I saw neither my speed nor my endurance get better. I am preparing for my first half marathon (less 1 km, the 20 km de Paris in october). My friends runners tell me to stop spending my time doing the same type of session and do interval running, which is what I am starting to do this month. I feel good even though there is no visible progress, needless to say I don’t touch a fucking cigarette anymore.

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20 kilometers of Paris: 9164


I have just registered to my first running competition, the 20 km de Paris, on october 15th… I will be n°9164. I am not really looking to do an amazing performance, but rather experience the athmosphere to run with 20 000 people and more than everything it will push me to run regularly until october. Looking forward to other bloggers participating too, maybe we can form a group or train together in Paris.

20KmThe fun part is that there is another Loïc Le Meur who is registered too, I hope I’ll meet him there it will be the first “avatar” I meet :-) Oh, and I apologize to all Loïc Le Meurs of this world for the pollution.

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Just great


Running on sponges, by Hugo, posted under CC licence chosen by the author.

A few weeks old. Who cares. Amazing Paris Marathon 2006 pictures, really.