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The 25 Most Influential People on the Web

The 25 most influential people on the web according to Business Week. Congratulations to everybody on the list. Honestly I would have never thought my name would show up in such a list. This is great I feel honored and thank you to Business Week for adding me to this incredible list but I have learnt to take some distance from these lists, they do not mean success when the business is only starting. I have yet to make Seesmic a real success, it is very promising but still very small and full of challenges. I feel incredibly happy of course to be in this list, but I know how much work still remains :) In fact, it is more pressure to succeed or beware of the fall!


Thanks, Ken, for my first japanese profile and article about Seesmic !

Thanks Ken Nishimura for this article in japanese about Seesmic and myself. I had never had a piece like this in japanese, would love to be able to read it, fortunately my friends helped as well as Google translate. It really makes me feel like finding someone to help us there and launch Seesmic in Japanese.


BBC News – “Seesmic killed the YouTube star?”

I do not think we will (and want) to kill YouTube we will actually partner with them but thank you Darren Waters for your very cool article at BBC News, “Seesmic killed the YouTube star?

Darren actually does not think we will kill YouTube either of course, see Darren’s comment on his own blog post: “Keith, I don’t really see it as a YouTube killer. I was really trying to make the point that YouTube is not the start and end of user generated online video. Seesmic is an interesting new dimension.”

Seesmic on Italian TV !

Thanks Livia Lacolare for pointing me to this RAI TV Show about Seesmic and for talking about it on TV ! Thanks Livia also for all your help to get a Seesmic community going in Italy.

Podcasted and interviewed by Michael Krigsman at ZDNet

Thanks, Michael, for the interview.

“Many Seesmic users embrace a casual, “come as you are” style, with videos recorded in kitchens, bedrooms, pubs, and any other place you might imagine. Seesmic users capture their lives and thoughts without makeup, special lighting, or editing. While this edginess might put off some viewers, the popularity of reality television suggests the desire to peek inside the window of others’ lives is almost insatiable.

Seesmic provides a fascinating view into the minds of its members. By turns interesting, intellectual, self-absorbed, crude, vulgar and thoughtful, Seesmic videos cover the range of human emotions. Is this good or bad? Depends on your particular taste, I suppose, but it’s not exactly the dream tool for enterprises.”

“Seesmic, Hear Me, Touch Me, Feel Me”

Thanks Kara Swisher for your post about Seesmictoday in All Things Digital. I loved the “Le Meur’s French accent grows on you” part, now you have completely convinced me not to try to have my french accent disappear (which was my original plan). Kara thinks that Loren Feldman’s interaction with Seesmic is “just the kind of thing that would probably make Seesmic the very lively place it needs to be”. Actually, I start to like Loren and his videos, the initial feeling of “being under attack” is gone.

Seesmic in the 2008 hits websites of the Guardian !!!

Wew, that Seesmic review is a Christmas gift ! Thank you Bobbie Johnson to consider that Seesmic will be a hit website in 2008 even though we are still building it. The other sites are, Twitter, Dopplr and Moshimonsters. For sure, this is extremely motivating for us and the tech team has actually just pushed a new version today (yeah, on Christmas, so what ?) to celebrate. Your following/followers should be fixed now even though we still have a few things to solve on the avatar pictures still. I browsed @scobleizer followers for example, he already has hundreds. Tons happening in Seesmic these days, @Obstructionist notes for example that “on Seesmic, I’ve gotten @scobleizer to dance and @chrisbrogan (goy) to sing Chanukkah song” :)

update, Lisa has the full page Guardian scan.

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Business Week: A French Twist in Silicon Valley


Thanks Jennifer L. Schenker for your story and Seesmic review in Business Week, A French Twist in Silicon Valley, who liked the way we publish in the open everyday about Seesmic in

Cover page of Challenges for LeWeb3 wew !

Challenges weekly business magazine, the equivalent of Business Week in France gave me their cover page for this weeks edition about the network of connectors joining LeWeb3 on dec 11/12. Could not help but blog it, sorry for my ego it’s not every day a cover page like this !