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Ross Mayfield Socialtext

Socialtext offices visit in Palo Alto with Ross Mayfield.


LinkedIn offices visit with Reid Hoffman

Guided tour of LinkedIn offices in Palo Alto by Reid Hoffman, founder. Also in Google Video.


Podcast: S.A.S. le Prince Albert II de Monaco

S.A.S. le Prince Albert II de Monaco accepted to give me two minutes for his first podcast ever at the Monaco Media Forum. Thank you again Monseigneur and your team for this podcast and the incredible way you hosted us in Monaco.

You can also download the m4v file or the audio.

A new VC blog: Marc Goldberg

My friend Marc Goldber, VC, has just started blogging.

Join us for a dinner with Marc Canter in Paris on Friday, August 27th

Marc Canter will be in Paris on Friday evening.

I am organising a dinner for him so if you want to join us, please add your name to this wiki page or leave a comment on this post.

Marc Canter cab1
Marc Canter with Robert Scoble and Phil Wolff

I love my cab


FCC Boss Chairman Powell started his weblog

Read today in Wired News (thanks Marco !): “WASHINGTON — U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell has started his own Web log to reach out to the high-tech community and bypass the scores of Washington lobbyists who typically skulk around his office.

Powell, who wants to avoid regulating new technologies like Web-based telephone service for fear of stifling innovation, said he started the blog to encourage the high-tech industry to get involved because its past practice of flying under the radar to avoid regulations would no longer work. “

The blogger entrepreneurs dinner in Paris


from left to right: Bruno, Pascal, Rodrigo, Patrick, Mathieu, me, Jean-Michel and Pierre

Thanks, Pascal, for having organized this dinner in Paris

This dinner gathered 8 French entrepreneurs bloggers (some of them blog in English) and we decided we would launch a multi-authored blog where we would share our thoughts and ideas about entrepreneurship, open to any entrepreneur as an author.

Who is in to write on it ? I know Paulo is and a few others around Europe. Anybody else ?

Eva Biaudet’s blog

It is great, Joi, that you got our fellow GLT -that I met in Davos as well- Eva Biaudet, member of the Finnish Parliament to blog !

Joi the Japanese Internet star ?

Joi in the USA today and the same article in about 50 other sources.

Great PR, Joi !

Just imagine if a blogger did like this journalist, posting the same story to 50 different weblogs, I guess he would be flamed for polluting the blogosphere, right ?

NB. Joi can you tell the journalist he forgot the link to Six Apart :=)

Investing in Linked In and some explosive growth numbers

Last week I had another great dinner in San Francisco with Reid Hoffman, founder of Linked In. Reid is one of the most impressive and visionary friends I know.

I am very proud to join its investors list. Reid has secured Series A financing of $4.7 million in November last year. The investment was led by Sequoia Capital, the venture investors behind well-known Internet brands such as Yahoo!, Google and PayPal. A round with business angels that I participated in will be announced within a few weeks.

Here is some information about Linked In’s recent growth, if you are interested:

600,000+ users (30,000+ growth per week)
28,000,000+ email addresses sent through Linked In (3,000,000+ growth per week)
12 months old

Within the 600,000+ users:
265,000+ international users
120,000+ senior management-level users
8,000+ entrepreneurs
10,000+ VCs
100% professional users

and 28,000+ in France only.

Congrats, Reid !