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Windows on your Mac, by Apple

Bootcamp. Cool ! Trying now…

Have you tested CenterStage ?

I did not test CenterStage, a Mac Media Center, has any of you tested it ? Thanks in advance.

Six Apart partners with Pointblog to blog the Apple Expo

 Past Aelive2005We’re very excited to partner with Pointblog (one of France’s top weblog that follows the blogosphere) and the Apple Expo (September 20-24 in Paris) to launch AELive 2005, a dedicated blog. Pointblog’s editorial team will cover the event as well as independent bloggers who will be invited to join forces. It is a great way to follow what’s happening in one of Apple’s most popular event in the World. Unfortunately I think the initiative is French only at this year.

Mac OSX and Plaxo

I know many of you hate Plaxo, others love it. I admit my contacts database is quite a mess and I would sync it with pleasure with Plaxo to see how it improves it. Unfortunately Plaxo does not support Mac OSX, it looks like there is a soft that lets you import/export your Mac contacts with Plaxo.

Do you use Plaxo or do you hate it ?

Cool Mac OSX apps

Yann has gathered the cool apps he started using after his switch (in French). I can’t live without Desktop Manager anymore, my desktop is the size of the wall in front of me.

Apples for lunch at Apple Expo in Paris

I managed to go to the Apple Expo in Paris that opened yesterday without buying anything !

Ichat AV

new imacThe buzz around the morning Keynote was amazing as Tiger features were demoed, the new Ichat AV, the new search engine “Google like” in your Mac, the Widgets and of course the new Imac (where has the G5 box disappeared by the way ? Ah Yes, in the screen).

two 30 inches

I have spent long minutes in front of a G5 with two 30″ flat screens ending up with the conclusion that it was really not reasonable (G5: 3000 euros, mandatory graphics card: 600 euros, two thirty inches 2×3500 euros total around 11 000 euros it starts getting *a bit* expensive…). Still, it is nice to see the dream machine in front of you.

DSC09874. Many innovations around the Ipod, especially sound speakers. These have an amazing design and sound for *just* 4000 euros.

DSC09875Bose has also presented its news portable speakers for the Ipod, very nice and great sound, on the market in October for around 400 euros.

Apple rocks at WWDC

James is at the Apple Developers conference and reports a 30′ Apple display (I just bought a 23…) and this amazing ichat AV video conferencing. Apple rocks, as always… I can’t believe some PC users still ask me why I am on a Mac.

#&!§$* – lost email while synching email on two macs

I just lost all my email rules, some folders and some emails on my mac. I use a Powerbook G4 and at home a G5 and tried to use Synchronize to be able to use my email on the G5 and then put the modifications back on the G4 but he, no, it does not work well…

I used Lotus Notes on a PC years ago and the sync works perfectly well you can have exactly the same information on different PCs or Macs…

I use imap of course but I have too many emails in folders to keep everything on my .mac account, even with the 100Mb option.

Do you know any good tool I could use apart from Notes to have exactly the same offline email folders and email on my two macs and sync them ?

Thanks in advance… !