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See you later Barcelona and the Forum Barcelona 2004

Forum 2004 Barcelona

Lots of great talks about entrepreneurship, lots of great people, lots of fun today in Barcelona.

I am too tired to blog my day there, but here are many pictures I took at the Forum Barcelona 2004, some of them are really weird !

Anyway, thanks for all the “pan con tomate” and special thanks to Angel Cabrera for having invited me to talk there today and see you tomorrow.

Off to Barcelona for the Forum 2004, Speech on the role of corporations in the 21st Century

Capture014I am going to Barcelona, to speak at the Forum Barcelona 2004 about entrepreneurship during the day partly about the role of corporations in the 21st Century.

The contents of this conference day is in pdf if you are interested, I will try to blog from the panel…

Great and exhausting week with Ben & Mena

Sorry for not having blogged more this week but I spend the week with Ben & Mena in Europe and we went from meetings to meetings in Munich, Frankfurt, London and finally Paris (just after they went to Blog Talk in Austria…). I do apologize for those of you who wanted to meet them but could not, we had a very busy schedule.

I moblogged a bit (and will continue to) on my moblog (Mena says “Vive les US”, in the London Underground Mena was upset, Mena presenting the weather at the BBC (better pictures taken by Tom), we met Euan and Tom, we had an interview in a London pub, and took the train just after Ben woke up and met Allan. The day before we had a blogger dinner in Munich.

Here are some pictures of part of the team in Paris


JY, Ben, Mena, me and Olivier

We had some fun in a hip bar in Paris


Even some dancing and Mena trying to start a new way of smoking



There are some more pictures we took meeting partners that are under heavy embargo :=)

Ah before I forget, here is one with Chryde in Paris:


And a last one with Richard:


Off to Munich, Frankfurt, London and Paris

Traveling all around this week, sorry I missed Blog Talk but I heard many people had fun and interesting time there, next year…

I am all around in meetings in Munich, Frankfurt, London and Paris this week, I’ll try to blog a bit tonight :=)

Off to San Francisco and speaking at Supernova

I am leaving for San Francisco tomorrow and I will be at Supernova next week.

The conference schedule is excellent and I am delighted to talk at the closing session with Dan Gillmor and Elizabeth Lane Lawley about “Closing the Back-Channel Loop”.

I had written a note on the amazing E-tech back Channel and I will enjoy getting deep into Supernova’s back Channel.

I don’t see any back channel tool missing:

-the Supernova weblog
-the Supernova wiki
-a web conferencing tool, Convoq
-an IRC chat channel
-an audio feed
-and of course the “Hecklebot”, “The revenge of the back-channel”

Of course, I will be at Joi’s dinner even though he will be there only virtually.

Hope to see you all there !

Off to Madrid

Many meetings in Madrid for the next two days, a speech at the Instituto de Empresa, and a blogger dinner. “It’s a small Europe, after all” :=)

Can’t find the time to blog, I am lost in my emails again…

Off to Helsinki, Naples and Madrid in the next two weeks

I will travel quite a bit in the next two weeks, if you want to meet in Naples or Madrid, please let me know…

-I will be going to Helsinki tomorrow, with a packed agenda there, no blogger dinner unfortunately :=(
-in Naples June 3 and 4 where Paolo and Giuseppe invited me to talk to the Blogging Conference with Joi, same panel, quite funny
-and in Madrid on June 8 and 9, where I talk at the Instituto de Empresa, followed by a blogger dinner rvr has organized

My trip to Madrid has been moved to June 8

Sorry about that, I had to move my trip to Madrid to June 8, thanks for all the bloggers who have added their name to Victor’s wiki page, I hope you can make it to June 8, sorry again.

If anybody is interested to join us on June 8 in Madrid, please feel free to do so.

I will be available in Madrid on Wednesday 9 as well, with some meetings already organized.

Off to San Francisco all next week

I am joining our second international meeting at Six Apart (Asia, Europe and the US will gather there), small company, already global. Of course, we’ll discuss the MT3 launch.

We are preparing the launch of MT3 in Europe, too, and continuing the Typepad roll-out, German and Dutch versions are next.

I am happy also to be able to join the Technorati pizza on thursday.

See you on the other side.

Off to Frankfurt

Just for one meeting, too bad, I could not stay this time for the dinner to see my Frankfurt friends, see you next time…

Then Wednesday in Paris, maybe Thursday in Denmark, next week in London and then to San Francisco. Lots of traveling, but I like it of course, who would not ? My kids for sure don’t like me traveling that much.