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Word 2007 compatible with TypePad and MovableType

More at Joe Friend: the next version of MS Word supports ATOM. Thanks for your support, Julien, here is where part of it originated.

updated: Julien just tried and it works perfect with TypePad.

Boeing started with criticism and now uses blogs in an intense way

Roland sums up why Boeing finally uses blogs on an ongoing basis, even though they were very criticized at the beginning. Disclosure: they use Movable Type.

L’Oreal launches Agora for Women in Science

L’Oreal launches in partnership with Unesco a site “open to all members of the For Women in Science community around the world”, Agora for Women in Science. Powered by Movable Type.

Movable Type 3.2 is available and free & unlimited for personal use

Movable Type 3.2 was launched in English tonight, the free version is now unlimited in number of blogs and authors.

It is a big release, including:

* Vastly improved installation and upgrade

* Unlimited blogs for all

* Special $30 discount for Personal Edition

* All your blogs in one place

* The best community management

* Find what you need

* Smart new styles

* A new generation of plugins

* The best support in the business

* Professional backing

It is widely adopted by european businesses as well, here are a few french references: Alcaltel, L’Express, Elenbi, GlaxoSmithKline, PC Expert, Michel-Edouard Leclerc and many.

 Photos Uncategorized 26082005001We are in fact currently with our partner Singapour in Paris with Guillaume, Valérie and Cécile helping them setting up a first 3.2 weblog for one of their large customer.

Thanks Guillaume for this unexpected gift, an Apple Mightymouse, I will try as soon as I am back in the office and thank you also for giving me the occasion to land on your cactus during the demo, I guess you wanted me to remember this meeting for a long time :-p

Alcatel launches an Intranet site on Movable Type

Alcatel Screenshot OkThe French telecom company Alcatel has just launched an Intranet site on Movable Type that replaces several usual tools such as Lotus Quickplace. More at Tubbydev [fr] who has realized the technical integration and even linked Movable Type to a Lotus Notes LDAP directory.

update, Tubbydev provided details:

1) Following functionalities of Movabletype’s system was changed:

* for blogs authors, authorization via the database was replaced by authorization via LDAP server

* for blogs commentators authorization via the TypeKey system was replaced by authorization via LDAP server

* profile of blogs authors can now be viewed only, not edited

2) Following functionnalities of Movabletype system was added:

* new web-page was created, on wich the list of LDAP server users is displayed with the possibility of searching by keyword

* from this search page user can go to blogs commentators authorization page by clicking on the link

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Brad Choate adds Tags to Movable Type

The Tags plugin lets you easily add tags to your Movable Type entries, by modifying the Keyword entry field to allow you to enter tags, and automatically creating categories for each of the tags you submit. more.

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Movable Type 3.17 released


Today we are releasing Movable Type 3.17. This release addresses four issues that do not affect the majority of installations, but are critical for users with certain configurations.

Version 3.17 is not a required upgrade if your Movable Type installation is not affected by these issues.

Podcasted breakfast with Mario Asselin

Blog Mario AsselinI had a very interesting breakfast with Mario Asselin this morning, he is the dynamic head of the Canadian school Institut StJoseph in Québec. Mario has launched one of the best initiative I know in the educational world as most of the 400 4 to 12 years old school kids and most of the teachers use blogs to capture everything and collaborate, it is called cyberportfolios.

 Albums Tronches Masselin.Thumb

We have discussed how Mario launched it, the first experiences and how it is evolving, fascinating. Now Mario is being asked to share his experience and help in similar projects around the world.

Here is the mp3 of Mario Asselin’s podcast (in French, 21,3 Mo, about 43 minutes). I know it is not a real podcast as it should be in my feed, etc, sorry no time to do it right 😉

Mario is in Paris all week, if you want to meet him, there is a dinner organized on Friday, May 20th.

A Movable Type plugin for Lifeblog

Martin Higham has created a great plugin for Movable Type to use Nokia’s LifeBlog with it. You can now post directly from your Nokia phone into your MT blog using the great features of LifeBlog (weblog selection, category management, picture resizing, multi-picture posting, …).

Making weblog design a whole lot easier

Adobe has added support in the new version of Adobe GoLive CS2 for Movable Type and TypePad templates.

“Our goal was to make it easier for weblog creators and designers to use the Adobe tools that many of you are already familiar with, while introducing the Adobe Creative Suite audience to the power, flexibility, and creativity of publishing with TypePad and Movable Type.”

All the details.