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Best wishes for 2007 !

My best wishes again for 2007 !

To begin 2007 correctly I try to focus on important stuff,


test future means of transportation with my kids,


stay close to my friends,


jump on top of the issues,


without breaking the obstacles 😉


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Kiteboarding a Hurricane

Amazing, thanks, Netanel.

Crossing the Atlantic… on a kite surf !

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Kite Quest 200 moblogs it every day… You can follow him on his kite and moblog. I would dream to do it just on a boat.

The Kite Surf Jump video is back online

 France Images Getforumpicture-Tm-1

As this amazing kite surf jump video has a lot of success and the original link was broken, I uploaded it on my blog and repaired the link on my earlier post.

Kite Surfing into the clouds


Incredible Kite Boarder jump in Cabarete, on top of the road, on top of the trees, and finally the kite surfer lands OK.

What’s cool with Kite Boarding is that it is not dangerous at all if you manage to choose the right cloud.

video (14Mb of pleasure)

a bonus jump


 Photos Uncategorized Kitecabarete-1

I fly to Cabarete for a few days of Kite Surfing and guess who I discover ? Max, a French speaking TypePad blogger who likes Kite Surf too. Now this is real social software… Photo Photosmax.

My new Kite Surf board

I have been spending most of my Sunday answering and cleaning about 500 emails so I though 4 AM was a good time for some fun before going to sleep, here is my new Kite Surf board that Jérôme of Radical shaped with love.


It is much smaller than the old one , about 1m40 which is very small for my heavy weight of 103Kg. This board is so light the jumps and maneuvers are extremely fast. Speed is very high as well, close to perfection for me.

ailerons The new ailerons look really nice, they are rock solid.

This new custom board is pure adrenaline and lets me go to sleep with Kite Surf ideas rather than email ideas…

A cool pictures of Kite Surfing Sails in the Sky


Thank you, Marc for having emailed me this cool pictures of Kite Surfing Sails in the sky.