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Voxer is on my radar today and founder Tom Katis will speak at LeWeb London


I love my 11 years son Greg to be able to interrupt me at any time with Voxer, a Walkie-Talkie app that is really simple to use with excellent quality.

I hear it’s got 2.5 million daily users and is getting the SV VCs crazy these days with an unconfirmed ongoing round of $15-20m funding on a $150m valuation…!

The quality has to do with the founder, Tom Katis, having worked for 5 years on this app without ever pivoting after he had the idea coordinating soldiers in Afghanistan. Wow.

I invited Tom Katis to LeWeb London and I am so happy he accepted to join us. Going to be hot! Talking about this, I should walkie talkie Greg right now, he needs his evening hug in bed!

On my radar today: Klarna



It’s one of those companies that I had never heard of until suddenly many of my trusted friends talk to me about them so I had a look.

What is it?

A competitor to Paypal and over online payment solutions, they differentiate I hear mainly by guaranteed post delivery payment for the buyers and payment from the buyer to the seller. In other words they take the risk that the transaction fails for both parties.

Where is it?

It’s European, the three founders and the CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski are in Sweden and the company is HQed in Stockholm.

How big is it?

I hear they handle more than $2.5 bn of transactions already.

Enough friends brought it to my attention saying it’s likely going to become a billion dollar company that I will keep watching and invited them to speak at LeWeb London.

Have you guys used it as a buyer or seller? What do you think?