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Amazing how many friends want one


I have had a Speck MacBook cover for a few weeks, got it at the Palo Alto Apple store. Amazing how many friends want one too as they see it. Now you have the link to buy it online, and I don’t get a commission, it’s just to help :)

Blackberry Pearl and 8800

PearlIt’s been a few days I have been playing with the new Blackberry Pearl. The design is really amazing and it’s incredibly small. The side selector typical of all Blackberries disappears for an Apple mighty mouse like ball in the center, which is pretty good and easy to use. I was afraid of not being able to type fast on the tiny keyboard with less keys than the larger one I have had for a while but it’s actually ok even with my large fingers. I love the design. There is a camera on board which is also big news for a Blackberry but it’s really disappointing in quality. I don’t really care as I usually cary two phones, the second one being a Nokia n93 with great picture and movie quality. Blackberries have also a long tradition of poor quality to… call but this one is really much better and matches any good quality phone. While I’m testing this one, Engadget has already a picture of the future 8800 which has the same ball pointer in the middle. Www.Engadgetmobile.Com Media 2006 09 8800 02

Tried the new segway

It’s really cool ! I want one.

The patch anti-love

 Boutique Images Produits At2122

Stop being addicted to love, now. Via Caroline [fr].

Two new segways

 Gadgets SegwayThe Segway has not launched the personal-transport revolution it was supposed to launch, at $5,000… However it’s still a really cool geek toy I’d like to own and have always refrained myself from buying one. In Paris it has remained a toy rented to tourists for Paris tours, I saw a few in Tel Aviv airport, used as a transport device for the staff. No revolution, but each time I tried I was blown away by the way you control it with your body weight. Despite the low sales, Segway has just released two new models, a simpler one than the old version and an all-terrain model. Both have now a bluetooth key that also indicates speed. Price is still around $5,000 and I will still resist.

I wonder if the revolution would happen if it was sold for the price of a high-end bike.

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Levi’s iPod Jeans

 Images Levis Ipod JeansIf you’re looking for jeans with built-in iPod support, Levi’s has got ’em. RedWire DLX iPod Jeans feature a red cable to connect to your iPod and built-in controls, and…..are carpenter pants. The jeans are expected to be available in the fall for 199.95 Euros – about $250 US. source: Podcasting News Levi’s iPod Jeans.

Turn your Mac into a TV media center

EquinuxVia Bonnaf I just discovered MediaCentral. It is a better frontrow that shows in the same type of interface Google Video, Youtube, podcasts, ripped DVDs and more. It sounds really cool, I installed the demo and was not disappointed as I played with it for 5 minutes until it crashed each time I started to launch the demo again. I don’t feel like paying $29 before testing it more but it looks promising.

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A PC integrated in a new Alfa Romeo

Almost. Wew. That may convice me.

Connect your Garmin GPS to Google Earth

Pete pings me on the fact that there is now Motion Based for Mac that lets you upload data from my Garmin Forerunner GPS and trace your routes on Google Earth when you run, bike, etc. So cool, I have to try that and get this type of pictures:

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Google Earth now for OSX

 Images Fboweb

So cool… You can even track US flights live in 3D with additional modules. I can’t believe it.