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Blog and podcast revenues

Roland has two good posts I encourage you to read, the ad market for blogs and what is the future of podcasts ?

We have a French blogads equivalent, n42

Many blogs and long tail sites already joined the advertising network AD42 such as the very popular cooking blog (250k page views a month and growing !) c’est moi qui l’ai fait, very similar to blogads, but I wonder if there have been any advertiser yet.

$100,000 per year… blogging.

Congrats to Darren Rowse for becoming a Six Figure Blogger: he made more than $100,000 blogging over a one year period. I wrote the same post on my French blog which is likely to get me some nasty comments as the French hate talking about… money. I got used to that.

Are you getting revenues on your blog ?

Dennis reminds us not to forget about the taxes.

40 000 $ for a professional corporate blogger

A very interesting article on how Stonifield Farm hired a professional blogger and other brands using corporate blogs by the Courier-Journal via Pointblog [FR].

Building a weblog around a single google keyword

From Slashdot: Doug Nelson writes “Michael Buffington chose to build a weblog using highly automated content aggregation tools around a single keyword, asbestos, because of the high click through rate associated with the ad. ‘The subject matter, while weighty and all that, is of little importance to me. It’s not that I don’t have opinions on asbestos and asbestos reform, because I do. The whole point of the site is to experiment with an idea. I built a tool that helps me aggregate topical news with the help of Google’s Alert system. So far it works wonderfully. But there’s a second motive as well. Right now asbestos reform and asbestos related litigation is on fire. Lawyers are paying anywhere from $15-100 per click through on Google ads. The second part of this big experiment is to see if I can capture some of that click through revenue while still providing a somewhat valid service to people who might arrive by search results.’ Via Andrew.

A good idea to sell stuff on your blog

 Photos Boucles Doreillesearrings Bococardes Vert Et Rouge

au fil de l’eau (in French) had a good idea to easily sell on her blog the earings she creates using a paypal shopping cart added to the TypePad photo albums and there you go, here is an ecommerce site. My wife has just received her new exclusive earings.

First write a blog, then a book

Thanks, Patrice, for pointing me to this excellent article about bloggers who write books or books written about blogs.

According to, Ana Marie Cox, editor of has received a $275,000 advance for her book, “Dog Days”

Turn $2000 into $80 000 with a blog campaign

Another quote of Dan’s We the media.

About Ben Chandler, an American Democrat. Chandlers “took out advertisements on the Daily Kos and 10 other popular political blogs, most of which had a left-leaning stance. A $2,000 investment, using the then nascent Blogads online ad agency, had turned into some $80,000 in contributions, mostly in small (around $20) amounts, from around the nation.”