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French political blogosphere analysis


The blogosphère politique, excellent initiative from a group of scientists, the RTGI at the Université de Technologie de Compiègne. In French only. Political blogging in France gets bigger every day as we have the presidential elections coming up in 2007…

Nicolas Sarkozy, Minister of Interior, video podcasted


Nicolas Sarkozy, France Minister of Interior and future candidate for the 2007 French Presidential elections welcomed me yesterday in his office at the Ministery. It is the first time ever in France a politician of this rank or Minister is podcasted.

We talked about:

-the Web and blogs

-his way of doing politics

-his answers to recent criticism from French show-business stars regarding his words during the suburbs crisis

-I offer him to announce officially his candidature to the Presidency in 2007 on my blog and he… accepts 😉

-presents a few wishes to the bloggers and to the French for 2006

Lots of fun meeting Nicolas Sarkozy and doing this podcast ! Sorry it is in French…

On the picture, I am showing a video podcast to Nicolas Sarkozy, on a video iPod of course !


-thanks to
Rodrigo and here is the streaming version

-thanks to Agoravox, there is also a
transcript of the interview [fr]

The result is in my podcast feed (subscribe in iTunes, RSS2) a 20 minutes video (90 Mo mp4v) and audio podcast (9,2 Mo, mp3). Nicolas Sarkozy was the man who managed the so-called “Paris riots” crisis.

Business Week just wrote a nice article about it: “The Podcast shaking up French Politics

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Tell Europe’s ministers and top e-governement officials what we want

William Heath has a very interesting initiative, Ideal Government Europe:

The aim is to do a blog-based collective brainstorm across Europe on the theme “What do we want from e-government”. I’ll do this with an “ideal government/Europe” blog, and I want to create more or less a manifesto of what online Europeans want from the Euros60bn/yr that government spends on IT.

When it’s done I have the chance to present it live to a big audience of Europe’s e-government Ministers and officials at the EU Presidency e-gov conference (Manchester 24 November). It’s a good opportunity for us all (once in a lifetime for me probably).”

If you’re interested to contribute to this initiative, visit William’s blog or email him at William.Heath (at) William may contact you as well if you contributed (thanks!) to the European Blogosphere wiki.

Speaking at the 6th WW Forum on e-democracy

Thanks, Eric Legale for having invited me to talk on September 29th in Issy about e-democracy on such a panel, I will be delighted to see again my friend Rebecca Mac Kinnon, who launched Global Voices (or BNN “blog news network” :-)

“To blog, citizens !”


The French daily Libération has its cover page today and a long review about citizen blogs and the fact that Christophe Grébert who writes, is judged today in Paris (he was sued by the city mayor and arrested for a short while).

I will keep you posted. Good luck, Christophe.

Only on blogs and the Internet

This video was very appreciated by the audience during Joi’s speech at the Senate, thank you Gopconstrm for posting it on Dailymotion I always see it again with pleasure…

Republican vs. democrat bloggers

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Dana VanDen Heuvel over at Blogs Marketing Beyond the Website “What’s it mean? Simple – niche, hive mentality, lots of cross linking amongst the bloggers. Want to reach someone in this community. Advertise here.” Via Robert.

The blogs discussed at the French Prime Minister’s office

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Jean-Pascal Picy, Advisor of our Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, organised a meeting this morning with Xavier Moisant and myself. I really enjoyed visiting for the first time Matignon, the magic office of our Prime Minister. We discussed a long time about blogs and more generally about how France is doing with regards to the Internet. We had an interesting debate about the difficulty for politicians in power to launch their blog. When a Minister considers launching his blog, he does not only consider expressing himself as a person but as a Government representative. Not easy of course.

I share with pleasure with you our visit of Matignon.

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Podcasted by the Hobson and Holtz Report

Thank you so much Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz for having podcasted me via Skype on “For Immediate Release”.

I am very impressed by the quality of the show and much less by my accent and the number of “euh” I pronounce every ten seconds but he, that’s my accent…

The show is available at For Immediate Release and on Neville’s blog. I think you are really doing an amazing job in new PR, congratulations.

French political bloggers rock !





Thank you Véronique, Jean-Pascal, Fabrice, Thomas, Michel, Nicolas, Christophe and Thierry for having participated to our panel at third edition of our monthly event around blogging, on blogs and politics.

For those of you who do not speak french, we had citizen bloggers (including our world famous Christophe Grebert arrested by the police for blogging), city mayors, consultants to the French Prime Minister and candidates of the future presidential elections representatives.

The debates were very interesting with about 140 people in the room and more and more political blogs around in France. It looks like there is a consensus that blogging means less bullshit in politics (for those of you who heard me pronounce “bullshit” in english, I know, it is hard for me with my french accent but I am working on it !).

I really hope we see more and more political blogs around the world, we can all participate in the debates and learn with our leaders a mouse click away and better, anybody can have his say on his own blog.

Rodrigo talks about the evening in english.