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MSN launches its own nanopublishing initiative: MSN filter

Microsoft jumps in the nanopublishing bandwagon with MSN filter and Jason wonders who will put blogs on the front page first: Google, AOL, Yahoo or MSN ?

The french blog auto stats


I have just had a quick meeting with Christophe et David of the French nanopublishing company the Social Media Group, they showed me the daily stats of the french blogauto, congratulations !

Engadget in China before in Europe

Now I understand why Jason said at les blogs he liked Europe for the dinners and the good time but was not planning to launch WeblogsInc in Europe soon. Jason was preparing the launch of engadget in chinese !

(sorry for the light blogging these days)

A citizen media launched in France, Agoravox


Inspired by Ohmynews and Dan Gillmor‘s We the Media, Carlo Revelli and his team have just launched AgoraVox, a European citizen media initiative, starting first in French.

Anyone can become a reporter and already many bloggers and citizens have joined forces to contribute. Congratulations.

Dan Gillmor launches Bayosphere

OK you all know about it, I just want to congratulate Dan for Bayosphere and his new blog.

Weblogs SL grows

 Corp Images Trafico-Mensual-1

Nice graph Julio, congrats !

Jason launches TV and Cinema blogs

How many blogs will launch, Jason !!!

Two new vertical blogs in Germany

The French nanopublishing company social media group launches two vertical blogs in Germany, Der Auto Blog and Der Vintage Blog.

A new spanish vertical blogs

Julio launches a blog on video games in spanish.