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Vichy blog, le journal de ma peau, the original blog screenshot

VichyThe Vichy case study is the first (and probably european) example of a brand that uses a blog as a pure marketing tool and gets “attacked” by the blogosphere. Shel had written all the details. As I am being asked very often the orginal screenshot of the blog as it was and I’m getting tired of sending it by email, here it is once and for all. The blog Le Journal de ma peau is still online but asleep. L’Oreal had reacted very fast to the criticism, and turned it into a positive experience. Disclosure: I advised L’Oréal when the mini-crisis happened.

Boeing started with criticism and now uses blogs in an intense way

Roland sums up why Boeing finally uses blogs on an ongoing basis, even though they were very criticized at the beginning. Disclosure: they use Movable Type.

We now have a “BLOG” limited edition car in France…


No blog, no podcast, everything in flash written by an agency that does not get it, but the car is a “BLOG” limited edition and the site is full of fake comments and audio… Another brand and agency that gets it totally. It says a lot however about how the word blog is popular in France…

Amazon Book Search and Naked Conversations

Too bad that most french editors refuse to accept Amazon Book Search. I played with it on Shel Israel and Robert Scoble‘s last book on corporate blogging, Naked Conversations, they quoted me on 15 pages ! Merci, Shel et Robert, it’s way too much… I advise you to read it if you’re interested by corporate blogging, and not because they quote me of course.

Hacking fashion with Levi’s jeans


Jean de Filles is a new brand blog from Levi’s that encourages girls to customize their jeans and involves bloggers such as Stéphanie who customize them. Stephanie has a French famous blog, Détournements de mode (“hacking fashion” in english) which is about customizing clothes and fashion for those who don’t want to wear what everybody else is.

Dior plasticity launches its brand blog


After many brands in France such as Vichy, or Celio, Dior Plasticity launches its brand blog, with 12 guest bloggers who will test the product, coordinated by a well known french blogher, Sophie Kune.

Video podcast: Adriana Cronin-Lukas

Adriana Cronin-Lukas is one of the best known blogher in the U.K., also blogging on Samizdata that is the highest ranked blog in Europe on Technorati (4133 today). Adriana is also a partner at the Big Blog Company.



Video podcast you can view with Quicktime, iTunes and your Video iPod, produced on a Nokia N90 provided by Nokia.

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How I convinced Michel-Edouard Leclerc to blog

Oh my english accent is terrible… Pooxi just posted a video of me in Stockholm explaining how I got this famous French CEO, Michel-Edouard Leclerc, head of 85 000 people blogging. Michel-Edouard Leclerc’s blog [fr]

My corporate blogging presentation is online

Here are the slides (pdf) I presented in Stockholm, I saw a blogger friend videoblogging me but unfortunately I could not find the post…

The video of the presentation is over at (thanks, Raymond !)

I gave a similar presentation (but way shorter) available in video over at Lewis PR. Thanks for your good comments despite my french accent, BDM innovate.


I heard you, clogger

clogger, about my speech on corporate blogging (available in video)

Corporate blogging must be a balance of responsible journalism and responsible marketing. In your frenzy to get people blogging, Loic, it’s important not to be shortsighted. The blog is a powerful tool. Try not to get carried away and start promoting recklessness.

Agreed !