» Opportunities and Challenges on Using Google Glass on stage at LeWeb

Opportunities and Challenges on Using Google Glass on stage at LeWeb

NewImageI’m thinking about using Google Glass on stage at LeWeb, as I did at LeWeb London this past june. 

I really like being connected to the audience when I host LeWeb and when I am in a Q and A session with a speaker. I like to “feel” the mood in the room, for LeWeb, for the speaker, for what I say (like, when I’m in London I always wonder if my thick french accent isn’t too much of a problem).

I would like to use Google Glass to get feedback from the audience

I would like to be able to get messages (such as questions for a speaker) sent directly to my Glass then chose if I want to read them or use them or not. I do not want people to use my email as I would continue to get my regular emails in Glass and I want that off. I do not want people to use the text to Glass as I do not want to reveal the mobile number I have with me on stage (imagine!). 

I could use Twitter mentions @loic but the Twitter app will only show mentions from people I follow and it doesn’t display search results (I would love to see a lot of #leweb search results from Twitter but the Twitter Glass app doesn’t allow that).

One big challenge I see also is that they are too big, they make me look very weird on stage when the A/V team zooms on my head, that will be solved over time as Google gets them smaller I’m sure and I can always wear them for some sessions only.

Do you see a way I can solve the “tell Loic something straight in his Glass”? Thanks!

  • formentera6

    maybe you can create another twitter user: @loicglass and have on you Glass all the mentions to this new account. That you can use, whenever you are on a stage with your Glass not just in LeWeb

  • FromPhillie

    As part of your audience, I wouldn’t want to be filmed by your Google Glass anyway because everything is of course transmitted to the NSA. I think it would be pure courtesy to ask members of an audience if they’re OK with being filmed by Google Glass before they join a show.

  • http://www.loiclemeur.com/ Loic Le Meur

    haha that’s a good one but you know everything it on video at LeWeb… people know.

  • http://www.jonathanmarks.com Jonathan Marks

    The alternative is a large screen facing you with a chatroom style feed. Its the way TWIT works, as you know. Leo glances at what the moderated chatroom is saying, picking out any relevant comments. This feed is not shown to the audience because it is a huge distraction and people often try and game the screen just for laughs. I think Google Glass does indeed look very odd in closeup. It might be a laugh looking back at it in 2017. Is it more than a gimmick? At this stage, no.

  • Eric Amram

    Bonjour Loic,
    we have things thought just for that. You need simpler live feedback, like

    And have crowd-sourced best comments along.
    Let’s talk about when you’re back to Silicon Valley, I’m in Palo Alto.

    Happy 10-year Bday to LeWeb!