» Using more and more Facebook versus Twitter, here is why. How about you?

Using more and more Facebook versus Twitter, here is why. How about you?

I have to admit I’m using more and more Facebook versus Twitter (and Google+ that I rarely use). Still love you Twitter friends and friends who work at Twitter, nothing personal :-)

Here is why:
-I don’t know what it is, the way it works just “feels” better
-I have a feeling Twitter isn’t as viral as it used to be either
-maybe some Twitter fatigue.
-it’s less geeky, no “retweet – @mention etc” that non geeks still don’t understand
-my mother and family in south of France use it while they will never use Twitter
-tons of my friends are in the same case
-mobile apps really got better since Zuck decided to finally adopt native
-Facebook has done a great job at viral with likes, comments that re-shares to your friends, shares, location… it’s the most complete experience available
-the Twitter ecosystem is near dead and I’m still sad from their move against the apps, that doesn’t make me feel excited about Twitter much, been a while.
-it’s been a while I don’t really read my Twitter feed as I followed way too many people, it’s my fault though, I could trim it down but I’m lazy
-there is WAY too much marketing posted on Twitter while on Facebook I read the feed from my friends with much less marketing (close to none because I did not like many corporate pages)
-there are way many more conversations happening on Facebook than Twitter, I see less and less @mentions there, might totally be my fault but it’s a fact
-I enjoy posting photos on Facebook and tagging people in them, seeing the conversations started. Not much happens when I post photos on Twitter so I stopped
-using many apps when you’re mobile is a time sink, I used to open many apps on my iPhone and I’m now using less and less. Facebook is my #1 destination when I have time. I’m lazy to open more.

How about you?

  • http://oswco.com dartdog

    While I get the FB/Family thing for all other reasons G+ is preferred, FB is about as dead to me as Twitter though Twitter still provides “signal”, I won’t allow FB on any mobile device, not at all trustworthy… And I do believe in everything on the web is public but FB just seems too eager to make $$ with me and smarmy apps…

  • Sandyko

    aren’t you using more facebook also because you are a shareholder (if I remember correctly you mentioning it once on twitter)? ;)

  • http://twitter.com/mickmel mickmel

    Exactly.  I use FB for family and friends but G+ for day to day networking, news, etc.

  • http://twitter.com/loiclecomte Loic Lecomte

    On my side, I’m mostly using FB for personal purposes while I’m using both Twitter and LinkedIn & Viadeo for professional purposes. They remain complementary but this is also true that FB is more attractive for online marketing because of the way images display.

  • Dan

    I’m just the opposite. I turned off Facebook once I realized that their algorithm decided which of my friends post I will see

  • http://twitter.com/didlybom Olivier /olive yeah/

    One of my use of Twitter is to plug my YouTube music covers: I search for say, ‘Vangelis’, and suggest to the persons who tweeted about to check out my stuff. Pretty high rate of replies thanking me! It’s not seen as spam at all!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe some twitter fatigue, yes. A lot of old friends are gone, or just posting professional stuff. Community getting so big, less a “early adopters” thing.
    As early adopter you push everyone to come, and when everybody is there, … it becomes “different” ;)

  • http://twitter.com/welkaim William El Kaim

    This discussion remembers me linus Torvalds explaining why he will not be using GIT anymore.
     Once a technology is adopted by the masses the extreme geeks find something more esoteric. http://typicalprogrammer.com/?p=143 

  • Mendi

    Good arguments, Loic !
    I follow 100 people max on twitter and unfollow every guy that spoils my feed with more than 10 tweets a day, or never posts anything interesting, so I keep some kind of quality over quantity and it takes only a few minutes to read my “relevant” feed.
    Facebook is used when I have some spare time and is just friends. Agree that turning native was a nice move to fill better my spare “mobile” time.

    I think they are complimentary : Twitter for professional feed mostly and some interesting stuff, Facebook for my friends ‘entertaining’ feed only.
    But none of them are treating well recommendations which is a problem ;-) and both feeds are a total mess if you want to retrieve anything.

  • Mathieu

    so you enjoy the big fat full screen Facebook ads on the new native app?

    seriously, I don’t use Twitter or Facebook much anymore except for authentication and the open graph (Netflix, Spotify…).

    I know a lot of people (including close friends and family) who will never be on Facebook whereas would go on Google+ if they thought it was the best social network.
    It’s just a question of early adopters vs. followers: the 1st Facebook users are now on Twitter, Instagram … and yes some of them are on Google+.
    “No one” is deleting his Facebook account but only a few of my 166 friends are sharing stuff on Facebook at least once 1 week (and those who share more than once a week actually shares more than once a day… and they are not necessarily my “BFF”)

    Facebook is only has good as your Facebook friends are as feeding the open graph with data.
    Facebook Graph Search would be awesome if (at least) my “most important people” were all on Facebook and all sharing on a daily basis.
    They are not.
    So when I search for a restaurant, I only get restaurants from “these 2 Facebook friends who share everything”, or when I search for the list of people liking a brand, I get almost everyone “who wanted a chance to win an iPad 2 years ago”.

  • http://www.loiclemeur.com/ Loic Le Meur

    good points mendi!


  • Anonymous

    Twitter is not about conversation. It’s one way communication only ! inside to outside mainly