» LeWeb joins Reed MIDEM

LeWeb joins Reed MIDEM


Since Geraldine and I created LeWeb, it has become the european platform for success for entrepreneurs. From a couple of hundred attendees in the first year, we welcomed 5,000 participants in 2012 in London and Paris.

LeWeb is recognized as the leading European conference in technology by the Wall Street Journal and by CNN.

We want to keep that growth and success and we have to admit that even if we just achieved another excellent edition, it’s a huge event to be run just by Geraldine and Loic with a small team.

We wanted to partner with the best organization that could help us take LeWeb to the next LeWeb.

Reed MIDEM is one of the leading events organizers in the world and today we’re proud to announce that LeWeb has joined the Reed MIDEM family. We are keeping a significant holding in the company and will stay involved leading LeWeb with our new partners.

LeWeb London and Paris 2013 will happen as planned in June and December in the same venues as last year and we will run them with our team without major changes but with help from Reed MIDEM. We are working with Reed MIDEM on possible new developments and will keep you posted.

Thank you for loving LeWeb the way you do since we launched it in 2004 and we will see you all again in 2013, in London, Paris, or online!

here is the Reed MIDEM press release

Geraldine and Loic

  • http://ouriel.typepad.com OurielOhayon

    bravo les amis!

  • http://twitter.com/eWinesAPP eWines

    Félicitations.  La reconnaissance d’une organisation professionnelle et sans faille… #LeWeb

  • http://twitter.com/jibees Jean-Baptiste Bellet

    Good news!

  • http://twitter.com/blogworld BlogWorld CEO

    Congratulations you guys!

  • Mhbello

    Bravo, heureuse pour vous deux!

  • PAbrantes

    Bravo !! Excellent.
    Pedro ABRANTES

  • http://www.engag.io/Abdallah Abdallah Al-Hakim

    I have heard many good things about LeWeb. I hope to make it there one day. There are exciting startup activities in Berlin, London, Helsinki, Copenhagan and many more European cities.

  • http://www.galant.org/ gregory

    Congrats Loic!