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LeWeb London update

(nous avons aussi une video en français cette fois-ci)


just a few days left to register (for free) to our startup competition and get a chance to be onstage and get free expo space (deadline is may 15th)

Bradley Horowitz will come to explain how he will make Google+ huge vs Facebook

but Facebook’s Christian Hernandez will also speak and hopefully it will be post IPO we can hear all about it

London is one of the world center of Finance so it’s natural we have the leaders of new financing models, there is a revolution going on:
Renaud Laplanche of Lending Club and Samir Desai, CEO and Co-Founder, Funding Circle, Errol Damelin, Wonga

Europe vs Silicon Valley will be hot again (after this ) with Uber vs Hailo Cab which both raised $20m+, one from London, the other from San Francisco. Since they might feel alone in this fight, they will be supported by their VCs fighting too:

Travis Kalanick, Uber
Shervin Pishevar, Managing Director, Menlo Ventures
Adam Valkin, Accel Partners

Jay Bregman, Hailocab
Oh and YEAH Pebble Watch raised $10m without VCs, this never happened IN HISTORY and yes, we have the founder, Eric Migicovsky and he never spoke anywhere before, he’s going to explain how we don’t need VCs anymore, this should be HOT
full list of speakers so far:
see you all in London!