» Startup of the day: Highlight

Startup of the day: Highlight

I’m having fun just highlighting one startup every day as I’m preparing LeWeb London.

After Klarna and Voxer, here is the red hot Highlight.

Highlight was definitely the star of South by Southwest, the app everyone was talking about. They got so much hype there that some people already talk about it as fad, I disagree.

Why? Yesterday I launched Highlight at my home and I discovered people I had no idea lived nearby (like, the houses around me!) that I would have never had any clue without Highlight. Do I need to know that 3 cool entrepreneurs I don’t know live in the houses in front of mine? No, but I like the idea to meet them one day and I like that Highlight lets me know that.

It doesn’t have much to do with Foursquare really, it tells you what friends or friends of friends or just strangers you have been nearby today. It also keeps a diary of those which is interesting in a conference, for example, to check who you have met after the event.

I personally experimented the founder, Paul Davison, being constantly interrupted during our launch in South by Southwest by Highlight users who were just coming to say hi as the app revealed he was in the restaurant. Pretty new behavior and showing new patterns. Okay it was in the land of sxsw, but I can see where it can go.

The big problem really is that it doesn’t help the already low iPhone battery time, Paul says it’s temporary and the new phones coming soon will have much better gps / battery management and you can pause the app.

Really interested to see how this one grows.

Paul Davison Highlight

Big fan of Highlight founder Paul Davison who will speak at LeWeb London.

  • http://twitter.com/StartupStay StartupStay Team

    Hi Loic. Thanks for sharing. I just downloaded the app, I’ll give it a go.
    I like that serendipity. We’re about to launch a global community for entrepreneurs that travel. Highlight would be nice for local entrepreneurs to discover others nearby :)

  • Funny entrepreneur

    Funny. Your tweet (10 march):Loic Le Meur ‏ @loic  Removed the Highlight app from my iPhone, did not see any value for me, including at #sxsw

  • http://www.loiclemeur.com/ Loic Le Meur

    yeah, only stupid people don’t change their minds