» How Google Reader and RSS beat Twitter in some cases

How Google Reader and RSS beat Twitter in some cases


Scoble and myself had another argument a few days ago about reading RSS feeds. Robert argues that no-one should read any feeds anymore outside of Twitter and Facebook, the rest is useless (right?) while I am still using Google Reader every day. To be more precise, I use the Google Reader Plugin in Seesmic Desktop 2 every day. I did not answer immediately because I was not sure what to answer.

Here is an example. We have a few issues with some Mac users (luckily a small number) with Seesmic Desktop 2 who can’t install it. We have been looking for a workaround and talking to Microsoft about a fix but haven’t found it yet.

I found this post which is very helpful to find a solution by reading my Google Reader column bringing me back any result from Google Blog Search: Seesmic in Google Reader and thanks to the plugin in Seesmic Desktop 2. The author of that post likely also tweeted it but we’re getting many tweets every minute with the seesmic mention so it’s obvious I have and would have missed it.

Writing a blog post is a higher effort than writing a tweet and therefore if it’s about my product I need to pay more attention to someone who writes a full post than just a tweet. It means that user considered it was more important than just a tweet. It’s thanks to reader that I found it, I wouldn’t have found it with Twitter unless it would have started spreading, if enough people had retweeted it then I would have definitely seen it.

That means in this case I was faster to find this very helpful blog post via RSS then from Twitter.

I have a feeling that this is all nicely converging together anyway, and we’re playing a role in that, seeing a Google Reader column next to a Twitter search results definitely help. Add a Topsy search on the most influential and it’s getting nicely there.