» Why Silicon Valley kicks Europe’s butt

Why Silicon Valley kicks Europe’s butt

I love Europe and I created 7 years ago LeWeb with my wife Geraldine to help european entrepreneurs get more competitive, but Pablo Larguia and Jose-Maria Figueres invited me to keynote La Red Innova on the reasons why Silicon Valley is ahead.

I wanted to be honest and share a few reasons why I think Silicon Valley wins, some are easy to fix, others much more complicated.

I think the most important one is what goal you set for yourself. If your goal is to dominate Madrid or Paris in your niche, you might just succeed, but if you set yourself such a local goal, there is low chance you’re actually going to build a global success and be the best in the world at what you do.

It’s the key, most people I know in Silicon Valley dream about building a world leader, not a local leader, it’s a question of attitude, and THAT is easy to change. Think more in english and more global, you might be able to achieve your dreams, but they have to be the right dreams.

Here are the slides