» How to promote your brand in social networks [adtech keynote video]

How to promote your brand in social networks [adtech keynote video]

It’s been a pleasure to talk to marketers and agencies at AdTech San Francisco about how I see brands can best take advantage of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook and I delivered a message I think very different than what most of them do. Most brands see the world in terms of how much exposure (impressions) they are getting or how many followers and fans… It is not about doing another campaign, it is about listening, replying an building long term trust and it is much more difficult, it also takes years and does not come easily.

Here are my slides (the video is inserted after the first slide but you can skip it) and the link to the Hitler video if it’s not already down.

You can also find many links on my post preparing the presentation. I would like to thank Brad Berens and the AdTech team for inviting me to keynote, Epirot L. Nekaj from Ludvik + Partners in New York (@ladvertising) for helping me transforming shitty slides into great looking slides during a week-end in real time on Twitter (like, really, thank you) as well Dana (@DynastyDC) for her help. Thank you Alicia Maxine Kenworthy (@AliciaMK) for recommending me links. Not to mention my own team John Yamasaki (@jyamasaki) for the ideas and Whit Scott (@whitscott) for the inspiration on getting his butt tweeted and most importantly on editing the slides and the video.

update: Ken has some cool pictures of the keynote