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Loic Le Meur by Joi Ito - May 2008

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Loïc Le Meur

Founder of social software application Seesmic and #1 European Internet conference LeWeb

Loic is the founder and CEO of Seesmic, a software company that makes one of the most popular Twitter and Facebook social software application. Seesmic helps you share and receive all your feedback from up to 50 social networks. Seesmic is available everywhere you are on the web, desktop and mobile platforms such as Android and Blackberry.

Loic also founded and hosts the #1 tech event in Europe, LeWeb.net, with his wife Geraldine. LeWeb gathers together 2500 entrepreneurs and investors from 50 countries in December every year.

Prior to Seesmic and LeWeb, Loic started several other businesses such as Six Apart Europe, RapidSite, a web hosting service (acquired by France Telecom in 1999) as well as B2L, an interactive agency in 1999 (acquired by BBDO).

Recently, Business Week Magazine named Loic one of The 25 Most Influential People on the Web. Loic was also named “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum. He advises the World Economic Forum as well as covers the Annual Summit every year in Davos. Originally from the South of France, Loic lives in San Francisco, California and has three boys.

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