» Twitter.com traffic down? Seesmic Web is +30%/month

Twitter.com traffic down? Seesmic Web is +30%/month

There are many reports that the traffic from Twitter.com would be going down. We see the opposite on the app side, at least for Seesmic. Seesmic Web is growing very strong as you can see the number of Tweets posted growing.


number of tweets posted on Seesmic Web

Excuse the fact that I removed the scale and the numbers for obvious reasons, just wanted to show you the trend, oh and yes, our internal stats had a problem for a few days explaining the drop you can see, again, just look at the trend and trust me I am not showing off and it’s accurate.

On the overall traffic going to seesmic web (not our site, only our web app) we’re seeing growth around 30% per month and it increased even more as we introduced Twitter lists.

Why? Because Seesmic Web is the only site where you can have self-refreshing lists in a multi-column view today and Twitter users who like lists enjoy that. It is impossible  very difficult to do on any desktop application for the time being as it would burn immediately your Twitter limits as you increase the number of lists displayed and refreshing.

We were first to add lists on Seesmic Desktop and now also on Seesmic for Windows but we won’t make them self refreshing until we find a solution with Twitter, and we’re working on it, confident there will be one. In the meantime, our users are enjoying these features on Seesmic Web.

 Ask Scoble and go try Seesmic Web, hope you will like it too.

Twitter is not going down. It is growing like hell, but as a platform, as a motherboard for all the Twitter ecosystem and I am betting that it will continue this way. It is very smart from the Twitter team to let the apps grow so fast and give them access to features that are not even on Twitter.com

Take location, we already display location on Seesmic Web, Twitter.com does not display it yet and we’re very proud of that.

Oh and in case you have not noticed, we’re the Twitter app on the highest number of screens, we have Seesmic Web, Seesmic for Windows, Seesmic Desktop, Seesmic for Android and Seesmic for Blackberry. More soon.

Thank you to our friends at Twitter for giving us so powerful tools for our users, you guys rock.