» Seesmic for Windows preview launching today!

Seesmic for Windows preview launching today!


From left to right: Julien Codorniou, Jaime Rodriguez, Marco Kaiser, Johann Romefort, Nicolas Kardas, Daryll McDade and myself.

This morning at the Microsoft PDC conference I announced Seesmic for Windows during the Ray Ozzie opening keynote. 5,000 developers in the room and many more on the live stream!

Seesmic for Windows will be available as a preview to TeamSeesmic members today. You you can join here. It is a preview which means it is not bug free and there are some missing features. We are sending this first version to gather feedback from our users, as we always do.

Better user experience

We want to provide the very best user experience to our users and building a real Windows application was obviously something we had to do since the vast majority of our users are on Windows. When we reach a final version Seesmic for Windows should provide a very smooth, fluid and light experience. It also will benefit from the Windows environment to deliver fast kick ass features such as Windows7 being able to send your location if you want to or several languages in spell checker which is something we were not able to do on our previous platform. Many more we are working on too.

Developer platform

We have had many requests from developers who want to integrate their services in Seesmic Desktop and our team is too small to integrate them all. We have always wanted to provide a secure plugin architecture so that developers can create for Seesmic themselves and it will become very soon a reality thanks to the Windows environment. We are looking forward to seeing our current partners already integrated in Seesmic web (Tweetmeme and MrTweet) as well as many others we hope create plugins for Seesmic and benefit from our growing user base.

Great support and teamwork from Microsoft

Microsoft has provided great support to help us get started on the Microsoft platform. I would just like to thank the team who has been working with us to make it possible for us to deliver a product in such a short period of time, not talking about the incredible opportunity to present as the opening demo of Ray Ozzie's keynote: Julien Codorniou, Jaime Rodriguez, Nicolas Kardas and Daryll McDade. I would also like to thank the BizSpark team who provided us with all the development tools for free, which is golden for startups. Many others have helped. Thank you all.

This is only a beginning, as I explained during the demo we deliver today a Windows version but are experimenting with Silverlight to make Seesmic available on 3 screens and a cloud: PC, mobile, the big screen and everything synched in the cloud. 

Stay tuned for more and thank you again. The Microsoft platform rocks. TeamSeesmic, thanks for all your feedback we will need it to make Seesmic for Windows the best Twitter experience ever!

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