» More On Seesmic’s Vision of Programmable Twitter clients

More On Seesmic’s Vision of Programmable Twitter clients

I announced during Ray Ozzie’s keynote at the Microsoft PDC that Seesmic is building a programmable Twitter client so I am glad that Dave Winer likes this idea too and might be interested in building the first features. In fact it is the main reason why we decided to entirely re-write Seesmic Desktop in native Windows code, building a plugin architecture in a Twitter client was just impossible, right now, with Adobe Air.

Seesmic for Windows is ready to become a programmable client and Windows allows us to do it in a secure way. We are hoping that it becomes a development platform such as Firefox and its very successful plugins.  

Dave gives an interesting example of a feature he would like that would probably not get built in a client like Seesmic otherwise:

“for example, it’s been about two years since I first asked for an “unfollow-with-timeout.”

Use-case: Someone is live-tweeting a conference I don’t care about and hogging up all my bandwidth. I want to unfollow them for just a day. Now I don’t think the client guys are going to implement this anytime soon, but it’s the kind of feature a few hundred people would kill for.”

We have received hundreds of mails from developers who would like to build features or their services integrated in Seesmic clients and we are building the platform to let them do that. In fact we have already started asking our users what services they would like to see integrated on Seesmic and vote for the most popular ones.

Integrating outside services should become the most popular way to program Seesmic clients and it is definitely the way the industry is going since we see new vertical applications such as stock twits (which even launched its own client) or very targeted directories such as vc maven for venture capitalists on Twitter, giantredcarpet for celebrities and many more. Stock Twits should not have to build its own client, our vision is to make Seesmic flexible enough that other services can just use it as a platform.

Another example are the social software themselves. From non US social software to corporate twitter solutions such as the new salesforce chatter or Yammer. In the last months, Yahoo, MySpace, LinkedIn and Six Apart with Typepad Micro have all launched their status update service, we believe all social software services in the world will have one and we simply cannot support them all ourselves, so the Seesmic Platform will also allow them to build their own service into Seesmic.

This is precisely what we are working on and many developers are already getting ready to write the first plugins.

We are aiming at making our clients a platform not only on Windows but also on the web and have already started experimenting with two partners deeply integrated already in Seesmic web, Tweetmeme and MrTweet. Tweetmeme will provide the number of retweets, page and picture previews in the next release of Seesmic Web while MrTweet already adds more info to Twitter profiles in Seesmic web, such as how frequently someone tweets for example.

We are experimenting with a few developers right now but are aiming at making Seesmic Web’s user base growth available to all developers very soon

We are not ready to announce the details on the language and how to build for Seesmic for Windows and Seesmic Web yet as we are actively working on it, but we will as soon as we are ready.

In the meantime, please let us know what services you would like to be integrated and if you are a developer what plugins you would be interested in building (use comments below and also make sure you join teamseesmic to get the latest news) so that we get our platform ready to support as many as possible. Thanks in advance for your feedback and your patience while we build seesmic platform, but we’re on the case.

update: please leave also your feedback for Seesmic for Windows and Seesmic web on the dedicated pages that could also give us and developers ideas. Thanks.