» It’s Easy to Say Startups Suck When You Have Never Started One

It’s Easy to Say Startups Suck When You Have Never Started One

My friend Robert Scoble insulted 70 startups saying that they all suck. I know him enough to think that Robert is more talking about their websites and was so apparently disappointed that he started saying that they all suck from his experience with their websites.Yes, there are many startups that suck. Regardless of your definition of “suck” Robert, you may have a little respect for the entrepreneurs behind them who took risks, invested their time and put their family at risk often investing their personal money in them. Launching a startup is tough road and reaching the launch is a significant milestone that does not diserve insults. You simply cannot say that and I would urge you to edit your post.

Why? Very simple. You have never launched a startup yourself, you think you know them because you cover them all day long but taking the risk yourself is a very different story. I have created several and I would have never writen what you wrote, only by respect. If you do not like Demo it’s one thing, insulting 70 entrepreneurs is another one.

update, many people say that Scoble only criticized the websites, not the startups, that is wrong: Scoble said they suck, not only the websites: “I just visited every one of these companies. Boy do they almost all suck (at least their Web sites and if their sites suck, I can’t believe their products are going to do much better)” quoted from Robert’s blog. Lots of respects for the balls of blogging a Scoble sucks post though.

update, the real conversation happens on Friendfeed. I would really like Daniel Ha of Disqus to interfacte qith Disqus so that these comments show up at the bottom, thanks Daniel.

my comments about @scobleizer insulting 70 startupsI am talking about this http://scobleizer.com/2008/09/06/lets-cry-for-the-poor-fragmented-underreported-startups/