» 5 Ways To Get Your News Out And Why They Are All Broken

5 Ways To Get Your News Out And Why They Are All Broken

In his good post about the top 15 ways to get your story on TCUK, Mike Butcher says he prefers exclusives as he “is just fighting his corner here”. A classic in PR that has not changed with the Internet is “the exclusive”. It consists on giving the news you are about to release only to one media (or blog, which is the same…). When I started my first business in 1996 I remember that we were giving one exclusive to print, one to a radio and one to a TV station when the news was really important.

If you are a blogger or a journalist, I am really interested in what of the below options you prefer. If you are a news source in your company please share your experience with this, would love to hear about it.

Here are the different ways to get a news out:

1) give an exclusive
Choose only one media that has good traction and give it to that media in advance, then give it to all others.

The result is generally that you get much better coverage from the medium you chose

you also get all the others pissed and they will only cover you if the news is big enough that they have to talk about it.

2) tell everybody at the same time

Nobody is pissed because they all got it at the same time

They all compete against each other so there is less (or no) value to the news as it is disclosed to everyone so you get less coverage (or only shitty coverage)

3) blog it or tweet it only

Everybody gets it at the same time and people who follow you pay more attention

There is a high chance that most authors do not read your blog so the news will remain on your blog and not have much traction, especially as they did not have any time to prepare/react to the news.

4) embargo the news (give it to selected sources hours before trusting they will not disclose it)

The sources you trust will have the time to prepare a longer post, do interviews, generally give more context if they write about it.

Any of these source could break it before or worse, give it to Valley Wag for their embargo breakers (it happened to me for our first round of funding announcement and I am pretty sure about who gave it to them)

5) make a press release using wires and have your PR agency contact journalists and bloggers to write about it

You may reach sources you generally do not reach

Becoming almost totally broken. All authors get so many of them and so many reminders from PR agencies (just as a blogger I get tons which are almost all lame) that they don’t even see the news.

Would love your comments, thanks in advance here is the associated video:
5 Ways to Release News, whats yours?I would love your feedback on this here is the associated post I wrote about it: http://www.loiclemeur.com/english/2008/08/5-ways-to-get-y.html

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