» Twhirl supports identi.ca via XMPP (live updates)

Twhirl supports identi.ca via XMPP (live updates)

Rafe on CNET has broken the news that we just added XMPP support for identi.ca on Twhirl. Twhirl and identi.ca users can now update and read their replies in identi.ca using the most popular micro blogging client and see their friends updates in real time. We have had XMPP support in Twhirl ready for many weeks, in fact it was ready for testing with Twitter just when they shut down IM access so Twhirl could not give this benefit to its users for Twitter unfortunately, yet.

We will have it ready for Twitter users as soon as Twitter supports IM again. To avoid confusion this is different from the firehose, it is really about interacting both ways live with your friends and we can’t wait to see it on Twitter too.

Download the new Twhirl here.