» Can you recommend me a good speech to text for Seesmic?

Can you recommend me a good speech to text for Seesmic?

YouTube seems to have speech to text in videos. It is obviously one of the most demanded feature on Seesmic and would be amazing. I am starting to look at technologies or suppliers that could help Seesmic with speech to text. If you have an idea or if you know what technology YouTube is using and if they plan to open it up I am all ears.

Speech to text is key to get more people into the video conversation so that they can browse quickly through the topics discussed and jump into one they like, for example. I can’t wait myself.

update: Thomas Knoll in our team has a good point, Google probably rushes this so that adsense can start really working and generating revenues in YouTube videos, in which case they will also probably offer it to other platforms as their interest is to increase adsense dollars, so there is hope that can use the same platform too.

update: Antonia Mann pings me about Ribbit (www.ribbit.com) has a telephony and internet platform and Dial2Do (www.dial2do.com) also uses speech to text technology for mobile phones.

update: djksar @loiclemeur For Ribbit developer questions contact @chuckstar, who is the lead on their developer platform.

update: cateland @loiclemeur from my experience IBM and Nuance are the best, but I was integrating Speech recognition on a portable device (TomTom).