» The conversation is not centralized anymore

The conversation is not centralized anymore

FirefoxScreenSnapz008.jpgThe conversation is everywhere and decentralized. Chris Nuttal of the FT has a great piece today (in tomorrow’s paper), Comment is freed from the blog stockade. I am indeed getting more comments on Friendfeed and video comments on Seesmic than comments on my own blog already. It can be frustrating at times because you have to check different places, and also I can hear the bloggers who do this for a living explaining why the traffic is escaping with the comments. The conversation is the most important part of a blog. It is great news though that the conversation gets more fluid and more participants with the new social software. It is easier for more people to participate and learn from it. Friendfeed is trying to solve in a way the decentralization of the comments with their WP plugin, you can have them back on your blog.

We decided to embrace the conversation anywhere it is with our video comments plugin on wordpress and disqus so far, other platforms are coming soon. 1500 blogs cary our plugin and the most unexpected happened, I would have never thought that video comments would be such a great tool for the deaf. Currently the number one source of video comments is a site called deafvideo.tv, it gets hundreds every day.

The challenge is to connect back the pieces together and what we are working on is that anybody can reply on any video thread anywhere it is displayed. Wait and see if we help the commenters get back control on their conversations, we will try.