» Crowdsourced Translation Is Not Free Labor

Crowdsourced Translation Is Not Free Labor

Allen, I disagree with you that Facebook seeks free labor. Do you really think that Facebook would professionnally translate the site in Suomi, Bahasa Indonesia, Eesti, Kiswahili and Tagalog? Come on buddy, you know you are wrong, right? The net is that they would never ever tranlsate the site in some of these “small” or “rare” languages so this is all good for the people who speak them. This is not free labor. I agree on the “main” languages and they actually pay professionals to help the crowdsourcing do it better. I think the truth is between crowdsourcing (that helps getting languages they would never do) and professional (which would only be done for a few languages) and the best is clearly a combination of both. In your post I feel like reading a french socialist blog when you talk about free labor, and this is not a compliment :)