» How Seesmic will communicate with partners and users

How Seesmic will communicate with partners and users

Seesmic servers have been up 99.99% for months but yesterday we had a few short outages. We are back to normal.

Since we enable video comments on hundreds of sites we fully understand the need of being up permanently and make sure that if despite our efforts we experiment problems we do not affect anything else than recording/playing videos on our partners sites.

We already made server updates that should ensure our video comment plugin has no impact on the site in case of outage and are updating our wordpress plugin as I am writing these lines.

Here is how I propose to inform our partners and users:

-status page on seesmic.com, status.seesmic.com coming asap
-email list that any partner or user can subscribe to and get status updates
-dedicated twitter account for status updates
-warn hours in advance in case of planned maintenance

update: we are also one of the companies that uses GetSatisfaction the most, talking about transparency and communication, check it out, and if the outages had been long, it would have showed up there in a big way, not that this excuses our short shortages.

Please let me know if you would like any other type of information, apologies for the short outages, we are working hard to not have them happen again.
here is a short video I recorded about this in between two flights.