» Friendfeed Is Going To Kill Google Reader, Not Twitter

Friendfeed Is Going To Kill Google Reader, Not Twitter

200805262043.jpgI keep reading everywhere people positioning Friendfeed as a Twitter competitor. For me it really is not. It has almost totally replaced Google Reader for me, h ere is why:

-instead of making me use Twitter less, it makes me tweet even more, because I know it also goes to Friendfeed and I will get comments there. I must admit I start to like Friendfeed comments more than @replies in Twitter, but I read both.

-like in Google Reader, I get all my favorite sources in one simple and design free fast to read format, but I get much more, I get all the social software activity from my friends: pictures, videos, bookmarks…

-it has everything Google Reader has but adds something huge: the conversation. I am getting more comments on Friendfeed these days than on my own blog and that is the most important for me. Friendfeed is making the conversation very easy to follow, without having to go to all your friends blogs, Flickr pages, etc.

-Friendfeed is moving towards integrating even the conversation in the blogs by adding Disqus and their own friendfeed wordpress plugin

-Friendfeed is much better than Google Reader at filtering your new items. Instead of bringing them to you only based on how new they are, Friendfeed brings them back to you each time a friend of yours adds a comment on them and that is just brilliant, it keeps you in the conversation.

-Friendfeed lets you interact with your items using a client (like Twhirl, you bet). Leave comments and like stuff of your friends without having to go there. You can’t do this in Google Reader

I love Friendfeed and Twitter. What these make me use less and less is Google Reader. It is microblogging against the old way of blogging, it is much more reactive and it is going to win. Blogs will remain though, we will need them for long posts, like this one (that looks really long with all the microblogging trend, it would have looked very short earlier).

We need to better integrate the conversation though, because see this post? It will get comments on Friendfeed, (see tons of comments already and much more than on this post) on this post with Disqus and video comments on Seesmic, that is three types of comments I need to check and I want them all integrated. (photo, Joi)