» 20 reasons why Seesmic acquired Twhirl

20 reasons why Seesmic acquired Twhirl

As TechCrunch just announced, Seesmic just acquired Twhirl. And here are 20 ways it will benefit the Seesmic community

-Staying in touch with your friends using microblogging is much easier using a client than through your browser

-Thwirl is the #1 and coolest Twitter client with more than 100,000 downloads and 7% of all tweets posted per day

-Thousands of new users download Twhirl daily

-Twhirl works on Mac AND PC, soon on Linux too

-Twhirl lets you easily use all the advanced messaging options of Twitter (replies, direct messages)

-Twhirl added very cool features such as search and url shortening in a second

-Twhirl allows you to have multiple Twitter accounts opened simultaneously

-Twhirl not only posts on Twitter but also on Pownce and Jaiku, with more services coming soon

-Seesmic and Twhirl have been created exactly the same way, by listening to their communities and adding new features according to their popularity

-Twhirl has amazing feedback from its users and press coverage: Thwirl was just on Fox News

-We got in touch entirely through using Twitter and Twhirl… how cool is that? Okay, we also used Skype a bit to close the deal


Marco Kaiser, who created Twhirl

-most of Seesmic team and investors constantly use Twhirl, made things easy!

-Marco was already in the process of adding Seesmic support to Twhirl. That is how we got together and thought about him joining in, not the other way round

-Adding video to Twhirl will be a plus to the Twhirl community. It will remain optional — we won’t break it!

-Twhirl is free and will remain free

-Marco has the same international vision, already supporting english, german, spanish and italian (hey where is french!)

-With Twhirl being based in Germany, Seesmic now has a presence there which will help with the German version and community

-Marco will have more means to improve Twhirl as he will join Seesmic full-time and will be able to utilize the Seesmic’s support and infrastructure

-We are only at the beginning of microblogging, the space is very exciting and new

-Marco Kaiser is super cool and it is all about people

update: thank you all for writing about this (in no particular order and not exhaustive look here and here for more)


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