» Silicon Valley Arrogance

Silicon Valley Arrogance

Fred Wilson comments an email he received this morning:

“I read your blog and believe that you have a firm grasp on web trends – especially for someone on the east coast.

Fun to see that people here consider that in the east coast they do not get it as much as in the Silicon Valley (which is not what I think). Dave Winer adds that they say the same about Berkeley. Then think about how Europe is seen ! Like a third world continent. Exactly the comment I very often make about having moved here. It is very often that I have the question “where are you and Seesmic based”. Answer Silicon Valley or San Francisco, right answer. Answer anything else, wrong answer. Especially Europe. By default you are not really taken seriously. Like Fred, I agree that Silicon Valley is the best concentration of minds and web entrepreneurs I know, that is why I moved, but if it could have the same concentration without arrogance, it would be very cool too.

Having said that, since I moved 6 months ago I sincerely believe moving here increases your chances of success. Will come back to it.