» Seesmic du Jour 92: TED, Cathy and Randell

Seesmic du Jour 92: TED, Cathy and Randell

I am at the TED conference in Monterey and it is wonderful as always. If you want to have the best coverage of the conference, read Ethan Zuckerman’s very comprehensive live blogging. Ethan has a section devoted to TED2008. Almost no journalists are allowed here and participants do not join TED to have a video camera pointed to their heads or even to get any coverage of what they do. They come to learn and so do I. Of course it makes it difficult for me to share the amazing moments I see in my daily show so you will be disappointed by my video coverage of the conference, here are a few shots of what they call the simulcast lounge and what’s in the TED bag though.

In this show we also continue going around the Seesmic Members through the Seesmic World Project, so today here are Cathy and Randell Fever tell us about their home state, Georgia .