» Bravo Netvibes and the Crunchies winners !

Bravo Netvibes and the Crunchies winners !

Congrats, Tariq and Freddy for this prize at the Crunchies and congrats to all the winners. I love all the winners but I had to show some nationalist brotherhood here :) Out of the winner list I daily use Twitter, Techmeme and Netvibes. Congrats to Ev, Biz, Jack and Gabe. I wish I would have been there but we had a London board meeting with our lead investors Niklas Zennstrom, Janus Friis and Mattias Ljungman.

Seesmic was selected to be a finalist but was then removed from the list as Michael Arrington is one of our investors, see below video at 1.27s. It is a shame of course, but I am very happy to have Michael as an investor. What do you prefer ? Having advise from Michael or being in the finalists at the Crunchies ? Both of course but if I had to choose again today I would make exactly the same choice. Crunchies is once a year, Michael’s advise is all year long.

Anyway, congrats to the winners !