» What would you ask or tell President Bush if you had 3 minutes with him ?

What would you ask or tell President Bush if you had 3 minutes with him ?

That may (or may not) happen to me and I am really wondering. What would you tell or ask President Bush if you were in my shoes ?

update Dave would ask “how do you sleep at night ?”

update: some background
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  • http://www.enthousiasmeren.nl Erno Hannink

    Ha, simple. Takes only few seconds.
    ‘Stop the war!’

  • http://sea-fever.org Peter A. Mello, Sea-Fever Consulting LLC

    How does President Bush see technology changing the world and what technologies does he use each day?

  • http://www.aidemac.fr VaniPod

    Let him say Hello to Seesmic !

  • http://profile.typekey.com/sfloislane/ Cathy Brooks

    With his Administration’s approval ratings lower than ANY President in American history (even worse than Richard Nixon post Watergate), and the world pretty much hating the US, what does he intend to do in his last days in office to try and turn the tide?
    Or if that feels a bit too uncomfortable a topic, ask how planning is going for his daughter’s wedding.

  • http://www.joikoi.com Joi Koi

    Ok….Georgie, that’s cool…. I’ll set that up for ya while my CTO is asleep…. and would Barbara like one too…. remember you both need webcams to use it and sure you might as well set up two Twitter accounts so you can follow the updates and let Dick, Condie and the others know when you’ve posted, Enjoy ;-)

  • http://LenEdgerly.com Len Edgerly

    I would ask him to do a video podcast on the spot, perhaps mentioning that President Sarkozy did one with you long before his Presidential victory and that Sarko was pleased to be able to speak directly to your audience instead of going through the traditional media.
    Tell him you’d like to record video of him telling the American people and the world what one thing he would like them to understand about his goals for the remaining days of his presidency.
    Luckily he won’t have to decide whether to “tutoyer” you, but if you’re lucky he’ll give you a cute nickname, the American version of “tu.”

  • James

    How is it so hard to capture Bin Laden? And how does Bush feel about letting him get away with it?

  • Jim Reese

    I’d tell him that he swore an oath to protect and defend the Constution of the United States, not the people of the United States. I’d tell him he is a traitor who should be tried, convicted and executed.

  • http://ledretch.wordpress.com ledretch

    Just show the entire world how to stop global warming… just the first step, the whole world would follow, for our kids :)

  • http://www.everyonefits.org Darius Dunlap

    Unfortunately, any point of view you try to use to frame the question he’ll just deny. He’ll just say “the world doesn’t hate us, they are with us.” Facts don’t matter to him and he’s smarter than he looks (or acts… or talks…)
    So ask him:
    How do you intend to make a difference in the world, AFTER your presidency?

  • ssylvainhhh

    like Vanipod, just say hello via seesmic ;) good for your buzz
    @ Vanipod, bien aimé ton blog, vais te suivre sur Twitter.

  • http://twitter.com/Attitude Brian

    Yes, ask him if he’d like a seesmic demo.

  • http://blog.summitpush.com Dan

    I’ll leave my personal thoughts on Bush out of this, and approach this as a chance to ask a question of a person with access to a lot of information.
    What does he see as the most important thing the average american can do to make the world a better place?

  • http://www.filmgeek.fr/ FilmGeek

    Simply : Barack or Hillary ? :)

  • http://betsydevine.com/blog/ Betsy Devine

    Um, based on my own meeting with Bush, get prepared for a photo-op, not a conversation-op.

  • http://www.cbschmidt.de CBS

    Are you ready to rumble could be a good question:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B96pHTbnfDs ;-)

  • Simon

    I would heartily congratulate him on being the 43rd best POTUS

  • http://www.thevesuviusgroup.com Joyce Bettencourt

    Could be a great chance to speak on things that directly related to seesmic, video and the ability and importance of such on the internet…gets into issues like Net Neutrality or staying the hand on Big Media pushing it’s way into muscling US bandwidth power against consumers. All sorts of good and relevant things.

  • Julien

    Demande lui comment va son swing ?? Il parrait qu’il passe beaucoup de temps au golf… Amuse toi bien et bises à Nicolas !

  • http://tweettaze.com TedC

    Ask him if he has seen the comet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/17P/Holmes

  • francois

    What would 60 Minutes ask President Sarkozy if he wasn’t such a womanizing coward that he needed to abandon CBS’s interview?? Also, though I respect Loic as a visionary marketer, I’d ask Mr. Le Meur, just what if any relevance Six Apart has in the United States, it seems like the answer is zero.

  • http://lavachequilit.typepad.com madame l.

    You might want to ask him why he has sent so many young men and women to Iraq in order to pad his and Cheney’s pockets with oil and Blackwater money. And also why he fabricated the story about Iraq having WMDs. And why he condones the use of torture. But we know the answer already.
    You might want to ask yourself why you allow a video of an obviously drunk Hugh MacLeod to be posted on your video startup and why your site relies so heavily on popups. Just for starters.
    Did you get to meet Lady Bush? How exciting this must be for you and your “not understanding US policy”. Your false ignorance is getting tired. But you’re a “nice” guy, as everyone knows.

  • Akeem Coolmac

    i think this is a good gift for mr. bush

  • http://www.volle.com Michel Volle

    I would ask if he tried waterboarding at least once, and if he enjoyed this experience.

  • http://darjeelink.com Alexis Perrier

    Hi Loic
    Longtime since I last read your blog. Great news you’re in Frisco with Seesmic. All the best of success to you.
    If I had a question to ask W, I’ll ask

    I simply can’t come up with a good non agressive question, sorry.
    Alexis from Reboot 2005 in Denmark